Selective and additional licensing fees - Claremont

Fees for period 27 April 2014 to 26 April 2019

The designation of the selective licensing and additional licensing schemes will become operative on 27 April 2014 and will last for 5 years.

From this date, every residential property which is privately let to one or more tenants within the designated area must be licensed, unless it is subject to exemption.

New application standard fee

 Single occupancy fees
Single occupancy householdsStandard fee
House - any number of bedrooms £690
Self contained flat - any number of bedrooms £690
Non self contained flat - any number of bedrooms £690
 Multiple occupation fees
Properties containing multiple units including HMOs*Standard fee 
Fee for property up to and including 5 units £960
Fee for each additional unit over 5 - within the same building under the same control as the proposed licence holder £60

*Houses in multiple occupation including bedsits with shared amenities, shared houses, and flats in multiple occupation
Note: HMOs subject to mandatory licensing under Part 2 of the Housing Act  2004 are subject to a different fee structure, and are exempt from selective licensing


Discounts to be deducted from the above standard fees 
Accredited landlord** - Landlord is a member of a Landlords Accreditation Scheme. The landlord must be a member for the full 5 year duration of the scheme


Applies to first five properties

Landlord is a member of NLA, RLA or NWLA**. The landlord must be a member for the full 5 year duration of the scheme


Applies to the first five properties


Early Bird Discount - Application form and all requested documentation must be received fully completed in the first three months of the scheme


Applies to every property

Fit and Proper Discount

Discount only given on applications made at the time of the first application


Applies to second and subsequent applications

 ** Discount available for either accreditation or membership of a landlord association but not both


Penalties to be paid by the landlord in addition to the above standard fee 
Late Application - New applications received after six months from the date of the start of the scheme (i)


Applies to each property licence

Finders fee - Where landlords to not apply to licence and have to be found by the council. Landlords will then be subject to prosecution by the council (i)


Applies to each property licence

Incomplete application - Incomplete information, form not signed, failure to provide certificates and requested documentation


Applies to each property licence

 (i) Both these penalties may be applied to the same application

Application to vary a licence - Change of details only

Although there is no fee for a variation to the details of the licence, under Condition 15 of the licence a licence holder is required to notify the council of any material changes to the property or of a change of manager.

Change of ownership

If a licensed property is sold the licence is not transferable and the new owner will need to apply for a new Selective Licence.

 Change of ownership fee
Change of ownership of licensed property  Fee
All licence types £140

Help and advice

If you would like help with any aspect of the application process, the Housing enforcement licensing team will be able to assist you. Please call us on 01253 476841 and  one of our officers will be happy to help. We can also be contacted by email:|