COVID-19: Childcare arrangements

Childcare settings and Coronavirus 

The government has announced that childcare settings are opening for all children, and schools are opening for a phased return of children in reception, year 1 and year 6 from 1 June. This is alongside vulnerable children and the children of critical workers of any age. Guidance has been published outlining the new measures being put in place that will help reduce the risk of transmission of coronavirus, which includes: 

  • Childcare settings carrying out risk assessments before opening to more children
  • Children being grouped together in small numbers that limit contact between other children and staff
  • Stringent cleanliness and hygiene measures, including frequently disinfecting surfaces, removing soft toys and other materials that are difficult to clean, and introducing regular hand washing
  • Reducing contact between parents and carers during drop off and pick up times, which may be staggered to limit the number of parents arriving at one time 

Parents are encouraged to speak to the schools and the early years providers to find out how they are implementing the protective measures guidance - external link and planning guide - external link for early years and childcare settings.

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