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  • FAQ Fridays

    Dr Arif Rajpura, Blackpool Council's Director of Public Health, will be taking part in a weekly briefing to address frequently asked questions in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    As part of FAQ Fridays, each update will see Dr Rajpura discuss the impact of the virus at a local level, explaining what is happening here in Blackpool and how we can all work together to stay safe.

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  • General advice

    The reason for the new measures

    These measures will help to address the serious rise in coronavirus cases across Blackpool and the whole of Lancashire in recent weeks.

    There is an increased risk of spreading the virus the more people who gather together.

    We are doing everything we can to protect our most vulnerable residents, whilst keeping businesses open and children in school. These new measures will help us to do this.

    Length of restrictions

    The new restrictions in Blackpool start from midnight on 17 October with further restrictions starting on 19 October. They will be monitored closely and will be reviewed on a fortnighlty basis.


    If somebody is in the designated childcare bubble for your children and the children are under 14 then they will still be able to provide childcare as the rules on childcare bubbles have not changed.

    Childcare bubbles are to be used to provide childcare only, and not for the purposes of different households mixing where they are otherwise not allowed to do so. Hope this helps.

    See the Government's latest announcement about childcare.

    People allowed in your home

    People from outside your household or support bubble are no longer allowed inside your home.

    However, there are a number of exceptions to this rule listed below:

    • To provide emergency assistance
    • To attend a birth at the mother's request
    • To visit a person who is dying
    • To fulfil a legal obligation
    • For work, volunteering or charitable purposes
    • For education or training purposes
    • For the purposes of childcare provided by a registered provider
    • To provide care or assistance to a vulnerable person
    • To facilitate a house move (this includes viewing a property)
    • To continue existing arrangements for access to, and contact between, parents and children where the children do not live in the same household as one or more of their parents

    Support bubble

    There is no change to support bubbles in the Local COVID Alert Level Very High restrictions - you can still mix with people you live with or are in a support bubble with.

    See the government's information and guidelines on support bubbles on GOV.UK

    Travel for school and work

    People can travel in or out of Blackpool for work and education purposes. Workplaces and schools should be implementing COVID-secure measures.

    Residents should only use public transport for essential journeys – such as travelling to school or work.

    Exercise venues

    You can visit gyms, gym classes or swimming pools, as long as these venues have the required COVID-secure risk assessments and guidelines in place.

    Leisure venues must close between 10.00pm and 5.00am.

    Meeting people in outdoor spaces

    You may not mix with people outside your household/support bubblewith any other household in public areas

    Playing sports

    Unless formally organised by a sports club or similar organisation, with guidance issued by a sports governing body, team sports should not take place at an indoor or outdoor venue with people you don't live with.

    You should not spectate at amateur and semi-professional sports events.

    Going on holiday

    You can still go on holiday within the designated Very High area, but you should only do this with people you live with or have formed a support bubble with.

    You need to follow any rules in the area you visit and be aware of the self-isolation rules when travelling to and from certain countries.

    Having repairs or other work done on your house

    Official/registered tradespeople can go to other people's homes for work purposes as long as they follow national guidance on how to work safely there.

    Getting a test in you don't have symptoms?

    You can only get a free NHS test to check if you have coronavirus if you have any of the following symptoms:

    • A high temperature
    • A new, continuous cough
    • A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

    You can also get a test if you are asked to get one by services such as the NHS, your local council, or a Government pilot project.

  • How to report a business breaking regulations

    If you have concerns about a business in Blackpool not following government guidance, please tell us.

    This form is anonymous, but you can give your name and contact details so we can contact you for more information.

    Make a report now