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Official switch on times for Blackpool Illuminations 2020/2021

Blackpool Illuminations switch on times 2020 to 2021
4 September Friday * 9.00pm 2.00am
5 September Saturday 8.00pm Midnight
6 September Sunday 8.00pm 11.00pm
7 September Monday 8.00pm 10.30pm
8 September Tuesday 8.00pm 10.30pm
9 September Wednesday 8.00pm 10.30pm
10 September Thursday 8.00pm 10.30pm
11 September Friday 8.00pm Midnight
12 September Saturday 8.00pm Midnight
13 September Sunday 8.00pm 11.00pm
14 September Monday 8.00pm 10.30pm
15 September Tuesday 8.00pm 10.30pm
16 September Wednesday 8.00pm 10.30pm
17 September Thursday 8.00pm 10.30pm
18 September Friday 7.45pm Midnight
19 September Saturday 7.45pm Midnight
20 September Sunday 7.45pm 11.00pm
21 September Monday 7.45pm 10.30pm
22 September Tuesday 7.45pm 10.30pm
23 September Wednesday 7.45pm 10.30pm
24 September Thursday 7.45pm 10.30pm
25 September Friday 7.30pm Midnight
26 September Saturday 7.30pm Midnight
27 September Sunday 7.30pm 11.00pm
28 September Monday 7.30pm 10.30pm
29 September Tuesday 7.30pm 10.30pm
30 September Wednesday 7.30pm 10.30pm
1 October Thursday 7.30pm 10.30pm
2October Friday 7.15pm Midnight
3 October Saturday 7.15pm Midnight
4 October Sunday 7.15pm 11.00pm
5 October Monday 7.15pm 10.30pm
6 October Tuesday 7.15pm 10.30pm
7 October Wednesday 7.15pm 10.30pm
8 October Thursday 7.15pm 10.30pm
9 October Friday 7.00pm Midnight
10 October Saturday 7.00pm Midnight
11 October Sunday 7.00pm 11.00pm
12 October Monday 7.00pm 11.00pm
13 October Tuesday 7.00pm 11.00pm
14 October Wednesday 7.00pm 11.00pm
15 October Thursday 7.00pm 11.00pm
16 October Friday 6.15pm Midnight
17 October Saturday 6.15pm Midnight
18 October Sunday 6.15pm 11.00pm
19 October Monday 6.15pm 11.00pm
20 October Tuesday 6.15pm 11.00pm
21 October Wednesday 6.15pm 11.00pm
22 October Thursday 6.15pm 11.00pm
23 October Friday 6.00pm Midnight
24 October Saturday 6.00pm Midnight
25 October Sunday* 5.00pm 11.00pm
26 October Monday 5.00pm 11.00pm
27 October Tuesday 5.00pm 11.00pm
28 October Wednesday 5.00pm 11.00pm
29 October Thursday 5.00pm 11.00pm
30 October Friday 5.00pm Midnight
31 October Saturday 5.00pm Midnight
1 November Sunday 5.00pm 11.00pm
2 November Monday 5.00pm 10.30pm
3 November Tuesday 5.00pm 10.30pm
4 November Wednesday 5.00pm 10.30pm
5 November Thursday 5.00pm 10.30pm
6 November Friday 5.00pm Midnight
7 November Saturday 5.00pm Midnight
8 November Sunday 5.00pm 10.30pm
9 November Monday 5.00pm 10.30pm
10 November Tuesday 5.00pm 10.30pm
11 November Wednesday 5.00pm 10.30pm
12 November Thursday 5.00pm 10.30pm
13th November Friday 5.00pm 11.00pm
14 November Saturday 5.00pm 11.00pm
15 November Sunday 5.00pm 10.30pm
16 November Monday 5.00pm 10.30pm
17 November Tuesday 5.00pm 10.30pm
18 November Wednesday 5.00pm 10.30pm
19 November Thursday 5.00pm 10.30pm
20 November Friday 5.00pm 11.00pm
21 November Saturday 5.00pm 11.00pm
22 November Sunday 5.00pm 10.30pm
23 November Monday 5.00pm 10.30pm
24 November Tuesday 5.00pm 10.30pm
25 November Wednesday 5.00pm 10.30pm
26 November Thursday 5.00pm 10.30pm
27th November Friday 5.00pm 11.00pm
28 November Saturday 5.00pm 11.00pm
29 November Sunday 5.00pm 11.00pm
30 November Monday 5.00pm 10.30pm
1 December Tuesday 5.00pm 10.30pm
2 December Wednesday 5.00pm 10.30pm
3 December Thursday 5.00pm 10.30pm
4 December Friday 5.00pm 11.00pm
5 December Saturday 5.00pm 11.00pm
6 December Sunday 5.00pm 10.30pm
7 December Monday 5.00pm 10.30pm
8 December Tuesday 5.00pm 10.30pm
9 December Wednesday 5.00pm 10.30pm
10 December Thursday 5.00pm 10.30pm
11 December Friday 5.00pm 11.00pm
12 December Saturday 5.00pm 11.00pm
13 December Sunday 5.00pm 10.30pm
14 December Monday 5.00pm 10.30pm
15 December Tuesday 5.00pm 10.30pm
16 December Wednesday 5.00pm 10.30pm
17 December Thursday 5.00pm 10.30pm
18 December Friday 5.00pm 11.00pm
19 December Saturday 5.00pm 11.00pm
20 December Sunday 5.00pm 10.30pm
21 December Monday 5.00pm 10.30pm
22 December Tuesday 5.00pm 10.30pm
23 December Wednesday 5.00pm 10.30pm
24 December Thursday 5.00pm 10.30pm
25 December Friday 5.00pm 11.00pm
26 December Saturday 5.00pm 11.00pm
27 December Sunday 5.00pm 10.30pm
28 December Monday 5.00pm 10.30pm
29 December Tuesday 5.00pm 10.30pm
30 December Wednesday 5.00pm 10.30pm
31 December Thursday 5.00pm 1.30am
1 January Friday 5.00pm 11.00pm
2 January Saturday 5.00pm 11.00pm
3 January Sunday 5.00pm 10.30pm

* Subject to change