ICT and City Learning Centre

Blackpool City Learning Centre

Blackpool City Learning Centre (CLC) supports Blackpool residents with community spaces, events, training as well as a business venue.

Community spaces

Boundary Library is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 9am - 5pm with a half hour lunch. See Blackpool Library Service.

Cyber cafe

The cyber cafe hosts a compliment of 10 computers (PCs), available Monday - Friday during office hours, which are free to use as well as a free wi-fi for tablet or laptop users. Set in a friendly cafe, browse the net whilst enjoying quality refreshments.

Cafe and shop

Relax in a friendly environment with access to refreshments, lunch facilities and confectionery, view the cafe menu here. Use the shop for photocopying, faxing, printing and small items for PCs.  Use the atrium to advertise your local event and as a communication point.

CLC Media

CLC Media is a media production service based at the centre. The service offers video to DVD transfer as well as bespoke media production. For more information, please visit our website.

Community and room hire

 The "Bit of a Do" is held annually to celebrate Grange Park Partnerships. The video shows families enjoying the day.  To get involved, contact Shirley Payne on 01253 476730.

Learning and support programmes are regularly run at the CLC and can be accessed through Adult, Family and Community Learning.


For any further information please telephone: 01253 478301 or visit our website