School improvement officers

Blackpool Council provides school improvement officers to help each of our schools reach and maintain high performance.

Details of how this is achieved can be found in the Improving schools together document

Improving schools together - Working practice protocol 2015-2016 [PDF 610KB]

Named improvement officers

A named school improvement officer is allocated for every Blackpool school.

These officers provide:

  • Blackpool School Improvement Plan (Draft - subject to consultation) Support for school improvement including moderation of school self evaluation
  • Advice, support and guidance on short and long term school developments through working with headteachers, governors senior leaders and teachers on analysis of performance data and subsequent school development planning
  • Advice and guidance on specific aspect/ subject specialisms including leadership and management, curriculum, assessment early years, primary, secondary, 14-19, Ofsted inspection
  • Advice and guidance on national and local requirements and recommendations
  • Brokering support including continuing professional development and specialist training
  • Support for headteacher performance management


Amanda Whitehead

Acting head of universal services and school effectiveness, PO Box 4, Blackpool, FY1 1NA