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Hear from a foster carer

Posted: Friday 1st November 2019

Foster Carer Case Study: Denise and Paul 

Denise and Paul have been fostering full-time for around four years. The couple have one of their four children living at home with them. Here, Denise tells us about her experience.

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Why have you chosen to foster?

I have always worked with children and wanted to give something back, plus when three of my children moved out, the house just seemed too empty. Fostering was the perfect solution. It’s a way of life for us now.

Do you enjoy it?

I absolutely love it! I am hopefully making a difference to children’s lives.

We have only ever been empty for 13 weeks and that felt like a long time. The house is too quiet when there are no children around. We like it being busy and noisy.

What age children do you look after?

We look after newborns up to pre-school which is about four years old, both male and female. We look after up to three children at a time.  

Would you recommend fostering?

Yes, definitely. As foster carers we have the chance to make such a positive difference to children in need. Fostering with Blackpool Council, we know that we are supporting local children. 

It’s lovely to keep in touch with the children to find out how well they are now doing. We stay in touch with many of the children that have stayed with us and it’s heart-warming to hear how they are developing.

What’s it like fostering with Blackpool Council?

We like the staff – they are very passionate and hardworking. We have a good relationship with the social workers. It’s nice to be listened to and feel like our opinions and experiences matter. 

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