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Why you should consider fostering a teenager

Posted: Thursday 4th June 2020

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For some people, the idea of fostering a teenager is a non-starter. The image of stroppy or moody teens may be off-putting and seem like too much of a challenge. 

This can act as a barrier for those interested in fostering a teenager and goes some way to explain why they are one of the most difficult age ranges to place.

But the stereotype really isn’t fair. Like anything, one size doesn’t fit all and just like younger children, teenagers want love, stability and a place to call home.

Right now, the need to provide a child with a loving home has never been greater.

During the coronavirus pandemic the number of children and teenagers in need of foster care is increasing. We need to continue recruit foster carers in Blackpool.  

Whilst we know that coronavirus has caused plans to be put on hold for many people, others are feeling reflective and are looking to make a change after lockdown.

Could you be the person who makes a difference to a young person’s life?

Overcoming the stereotype

We need to remove the barriers that stop people from fostering teenagers.

Children and young people can be in care for all sorts of reasons. It doesn’t mean that they will be impossible to manage or have problematic behavioural issues just because they need someone to look after them.

Being placed in care means that there is an even greater need for loving, committed families to provide the security that youngsters need whilst keeping them connected to their family, school and friends.

We need foster carers to be good role models for young people, supporting them to achieve their dreams and aspirations, providing boundaries and helping them to feel good about themselves again.

This is where you come in. We need foster carers in Blackpool to come forward and make a difference.


Fostering is a rewarding and challenging experience. By fostering with Blackpool Council, you can make a positive and lasting difference to a teenager’s life.  

Whilst many carers love fostering teenagers, it can definitely be hard. Teenagers might have witnessed or experienced trauma far beyond their years before arriving to your home, which may cause some challenges. They may appear sullen and moody but this can often be a mask to hide their insecurities.

No matter their age and circumstance, all children desire and deserve the same thing: a loving, permanent family and a place to call home. Having the right techniques and training to deal with any issues without taking it personally takes patience and understanding.

Try and learn as much as you can about the youngster’s background. The more you can understand their past behaviours, the more prepared you will be if they repeat these behaviours in your own home.


Fostering is a big commitment – the ongoing local support reflects the level of responsibility involved. Having the relevant training and support is crucial for our foster carers.

Some people may be nervous about the challenges of fostering teenagers but we have an excellent package of support to help foster carers in their role.

As a Blackpool foster carer, you’ll be part of a supportive community. With Blackpool being a small town, our family of foster carers benefit from a real community feel.

Our foster carers come from all backgrounds and bring a wide range of life and work experiences. Find out more about our foster carers at

By fostering with us, you’ll be entitled to the following benefits:

  • Access to a friendly and experienced fostering team based centrally in Blackpool 
  • Generous allowances that cover all the costs of caring for any teenager you care for
  • A dedicated social worker and support services available 24/7
  • An excellent flexible training package
  • Essential equipment such as beds, bedroom furniture and anything else you may need 

Whilst all our events are currently on hold in line with national guidance around managing the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19), we will be starting them up again as soon as it safe to do so.

Foster carer forums are normally held once every three months. These are meetings where foster carers and social workers can have a chat about how we can improve our service.

Social opportunities such as support groups, coffee mornings and other events for all foster carers in Blackpool and their families are held regularly throughout the year.

You can find a full list of the support available at

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Hopefully the information on fostering teenagers has inspired you. 

If you’re interested in fostering with Blackpool Council then get in touch today! Call us on 01253 477888 or email