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Children requiring foster families 

Read the profiles below to find out about some of our children who currently need foster families. Some children need cared for for a short time, others need a home until they reach independence.

Please note some details have been changed, and stock imagery chosen to protect the children's identities. 

Stephen, 8

Stephen is eight years old. He needs a permanent and supportive foster family.

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He enjoys listening to stories and funny rhymes – his favourite tale is Jack and the beanstalk, thinking of the giant makes him laugh a lot. Stephen also likes music, jigsaws and planting seeds in the garden

Stephen has been diagnosed with autism. He attends a school where he is supported to meet his educational needs. Although his speech is limited, it is improving all of the time - he uses new words he has recently learnt to make himself understood and his numeracy and literacy skills are also improving.

Although a confident little boy, he needs to get to know people very well before he begins to trust them. A supportive, stable and encouraging foster family is required who can really help him reach his full potential, in which he can grow up feeling an important and valued part of. 

Carly, 6 and Chloe, 7

Carly and Chloe are sisters who like to play with their dolls and jigsaws; they are confident, happy little girls that love to ride their bikes and rollerblades, who enjoy nothing more than playing in the garden and having fun with other children. 

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Carly is the most confident of the two, despite being the youngest. Chloe can be a little timid to start, but once she feels comfortable her personality shines through. They both love to sing and dance and love making up short routines and putting on mini shows for their foster family. 

They are both achieving well at school, Carly especially likes maths and reading whereas Chloe likes classes that are more interactive. The sisters have a good routine and respond well to the boundaries their foster carers have set. 

Both really love the household pets, they help to bathe and walk the dog with their foster carers, and like to play chase the mouse with the cat. 

What they need more than anything is a loving and stable home in which they can flourish.