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NYAS in Blackpool     

NYAS provides independent advocacy support to children and young people involved with Blackpool Children’s Services including looked after children, care leavers and children in need.

NYAS can provide you with

  • An advocate
  • An independent visitor
  • Mentoring service
  • Support to make a complaint
  • Representation under the Adoption and Children Act 2002.
  • Legal advice
  • Information and signposting

A NYAS Advocate can help you by

  • Talking things over with you about decisions being made by Blackpool Children’s Services that affect you
  • Making you aware of your rights
  • Supporting you at meetings or Looked After Reviews and / or writing letters
  • Attending meetings for you if you don’t want to go yourself
  • Advising you about all the different ways of dealing with problems, and what the consequences might be
  • Being led by you. When you work with NYAS, your Advocate is always directed by you and what you would like to happen
  • Being there to listen, explain, empower, negotiate and present the wishes and feelings to Blackpool Children’s Services on your behalf.


 Contact NYAS 

    There are a number of ways you can contact NYAS. 
  • Free phone helpline 0808 808 1001 (please note that some mobile networks may charge the same as a landline charge to connect to 0808 numbers). The Helpline is open 9am until 8pm Monday to Friday, and 10am until 4pm Saturdays, excluding bank holidays. 
  • The NYAS website 
  • Chat room – chat with one of our advisers see chat area – the real time online one-on-one chat facility is secure, and confidential.
  • Email – help@nyas.net   
  • In writing – write ‘FREEPOST NYAS’ on the envelope that contains your letter to us.
  • Call back – leave a message via the helpline number listed above or on the NYAS website and they will give you a call you back.