BSAB-BSCB Training Application Form

Please complete all fields, ensuring that the course code, date and title of the course are correct. You will receive confirmation of your application after submitting the form. This is not confirmation that you have been allocated a place. Places will be confirmed via email 2 weeks before the date of the course.

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  • If you are a Blackpool Council employee, please enter your department’s cost code, if you do not provide one we cannot accept your training application.
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    By completing this section, I understand there will be a charge for this course if I do not attend. I understand that I have to participate in the post training evaluation form with my line manager which needs emailing to BSCB and/or BSAB within 6 weeks of completion of the course to gain certification.
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  • Line Manager Authorisation
    By completing this section, I agree that I have authorisation from my line manager to attend this course, and that my line manager has agreed to participate in the post evaluation interview which is to be returned to BSCB and/or BSAB within 6 weeks of the course completion. My line manager is also aware of the cancellation policy.
  • Line Manager's Name

Cancellation policy

Please note that there will be a charge for cancellations made within less than 5 working days of the course date, if the place cannot be filled.

Non-attendance will incur a charge: 

  • £50 briefing
  • £50 half day course
  • £100 full day course
  • £200 2 day course

If you are sending someone in replacement please notify us so you will not be charged.

If we are not notified you may still be charged.