Arts in schools

The Schools cultural programme was set up in 2009 building on all the work that cultural services and schools were already doing with artists in schools.

The programme aims to work with schools to set up joint creative projects that children and teachers can get involved in, for example, the schools comedy carpet project and the mathematical illuminations project.


The programme also offers training for teachers and advice around the arts award and ArtsMark as well as promoting and supporting artists working in schools during our Wordpool festival and through the Grundy's education programme.

There is a local history schools project that links children with their local heritage.  The Grand Theatre is a partner in this programme and has developed its children and young peoples programme for local schools.  The schools cultural programme works alongside the arts and heritage services and Blackpool music service to increase and widen opportunities for children to take part in exciting creative projects to support their learning.


Celine Wyatt

Schools cultural officer
Telephone 01253 476631