eBooks and audio books

You can download a wide range of audiobooks and eBooks using your Blackpool library card. Our eBooks and audiobooks services are free.

All you need is your Blackpool library card along with a compatible device with an internet connection.

If you are not already a library member you can join the library now.

You can:

  • Download to your PC, Mac or Chromebook
  • Transfer to you Apple device, Android device, MP3 player or ebook reader
  • Kindle- it is not possible to use a Kindle device to download eBooks as Amazon does not provide this service to UK Public Libraries. However, users with Kindle Fire/Fire HD can download audiobooks using theOverDrive Read system.
  • Borrow up to 6 books for up to 21 days
  • No need to worry about late fees as the books are automatically removed from your device when you loan period expires


Download eBooks now


Software requirements

This service is provided by Overdrive.

There is no need to download any particular software to download a book as you can read or listen through any modern browser.

There are however apps available for you phone to make enjoying the books easier:


Help on using Overdrive