Memorial health and safety work

In order to have a memorial erected on a grave a permit must be completed with your monumental mason and sent to the cemeteries office at Carleton Cemetery for approval.

No work can be carried out until the permit is granted. The permit must be carried whist in the cemetery at all times. 

The work in the cemetery must be carried out by a qualified monumental mason who is BRAMM or NAMM registered.

Any memorial erected on a grave is the responsibility of the grave owner. In their absence the responsibility will pass onto the next of kin of the grave owner.

Headstones are checked for stability each time a grave is re-opened.

When the applicants will be advised via their funeral director to remove any unsafe headstone whist the grave is being opened.

Other headstones will be tested in the surrounding area and made safe for the duration the grave is open. This could result in the headstone being laid down on the ground.

Other periodic checks are made on headstones to ensure they are safe. This is in accordance with our rules and regulations.

Current sections that are being tested

Listed below are the current sections that are being tested.

Any memorial found to be unsafe in these sections will be made safe depending upon the risk assessment carried out.

If you have a grave in these section and are concerned about your headstone please contact the cemeteries office at Carleton Cemetery to arrange an inspection to be carried out whist you are present.

Proposed section to be tested

Proposed sections that are to be tested.
Cemetery                              Sections                        Start date                       Expected finish date                       
Carleton Cemetery J, K, L, M, N, O, Q, R, S, and T  1 May 2017  1 November 2017

Testing results

The following are the results of the testing carried out in the last 12 months.
Section                        Grave number                          Surname on headstone                   Action taken