HM Coroner Blackpool and Fylde

Her Majesty’s Coroner for Blackpool and Fylde is Mr Alan Wilson.

Coroner's responsibilities

Coroners are required by law to investigate any sudden or unexplained death. They are independent of both local and central government and are required to act in accordance with laid down rules and procedures. In most cases no further action is required and the death can be registered as normal. In some cases the coroner may decide a post mortem examination is necessary to determine the cause of death. However in some circumstances, the coroner may decide to hold an inquest to further establish the facts surrounding the death.

The coroner will investigate where a death appears to:

  • Be due to violence
  • Be unnatural
  • Be of sudden and of unknown cause
  • Have occurred in legal custody


An inquest is a formal court hearing at which a coroner must establish who died and how, when and where the death occurred. An inquest must be held if a sudden death was violent or traumatic, or if the cause of an unexpected death has not been explained by illness or disease. Inquests are public hearings and are usually held at designated coroner’s courts in the district where the death occurred.

Forthcoming inquests
26 March 2.00pm John Bee Open/Conclude
27 March 10.00am Sarah Latham  
  2.00pm Betty Hudson  
28 March 10.00am Paul Arnold  
  11.30am Jack Heald Review
3 April 2.00pm Ian Anderson  
4 April 10.00am Alan Fisher  
  2.00pm Jeremy Grou  
5 April 10.30am David Hargreaves Review
  12.00pm Nancy Lynch Pre Inquest review
  1.30pm Adam Carter Pre Inquest review
9 April 10.00am Sara Moran Day 1
10 April 10.00am Sara Moran Day 2
11 April 10.00am Sara Moran Day 3
  2.00pm Marshall Christie Review
17 April 2.00pm Maureen Green  
18 April 10.00am Peter Thompson  
  11.30am Michael Francis George Buckley  
  2.00pm June Soar  
24 April 10.00am Vincent Baxter  
25 April 9.30am Adrian Poskitt  
  11.00am Catherine Burns  
  2.00pm Joan Smith  
26 April 11.30am David Jenkinson  
  2.00pm Lisa Chadderton Review
30 April 10.00am Paul James Wilkinson Day One
1 May 10.00am Paul James Wilkinson Day Two
  10.00am Krysztof Zietara  
2 May 10.00am Nancy Lynch  
2 May 10.00am Paul James Wilkinson Day Three
3 May 10.00am Paul James Wilkinson Day Four
8 May 11.30am Malcom Austin  
  2.00pm Joyce Ginger  
9 May  10.00am Leon Floyd  
16 May 1.30pm George Millington  
17 May 12.00pm Kevin James Pre-inquest review
29 May 10.00am Kerri-Ann Banning  
30 May 10.00am Sharon Truckel  
5 June 10.00am Lee Crossley  
  11.30am John Mchaffie  
  2.00pm Joseph Barrington  
6 June 10.00am Mark Murphy  
  11.30am Terence Green  
7 June 2.00pm Derek Johnstone  
12 June 11.30am Patricia Lees  
  2.00pm Brian Smith  
13 June 10.00am John Trevor Streetly  
  11.30am June Sharrock  
  2.00pm Grace Westwood  
14 June 10.00am Harry Haslam  
  11.30am Michael Bond  
  2.00pm Simon Marx  Review
19 June 10.00am Peter Downing  
  2.00pm Lee Wells  
20 June 10.00am Kevin James  
  11.30am John Boulton  
21 June 2.00pm Kyle Jordan Hearsum Review
25 June 10.00am Jacqueline Maguire Day One
26 June 10.00am Jacqueline Maguire Day Two
27 June 10.00am Jacqueline Maguire Day Three
28 June 10.00am Jacqueline Maguire Day Four
29 June 10.00am Jacqueline Maguire Day Five
2 July 10.00am Jacqueline Maguire Day Six
3 July 10.00am Jacqueline Maguire Day Seven
4 July 10.00am Jacqueline Maguire Day Eight
5 July 10.00am Jacqueline Maguire Day Nine
6 July 10.00am Jacqueline Maguire Day Ten
10 July 10.00am Charles Longstaff  
  2.00pm Samuel Halstead  
11 July 10.00am Martin Parkes  
  2.00pm Rhys Jones  
12 July 10.00am Donna Sawings  
  2.00pm George Crawley Review
17 July 10.00am Jonathon Kirby  
  11.30am Derek Matthews  
  2.00pm Christine Davenport  
18 July 10.00am Ivy Dullaghan  
2 August 10.00am Kathleen Hargrave  
9 August 11.30am Stacey Webber  
27 September 10.00am Luba Limonczenko  


Blackpool and Fylde Coroner's Office

Municipal Buildings, Corporation Street, Blackpool, FY1 1GB
Telephone 01253 477128


The office is open Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm except Bank Holidays when the office is closed.

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