Bank Street Car Park


Bank Street, Blackpool


Opening hours

Open 24 hours a day

Postcode for satnav

If you are using a satnav to locate this car park please use this postcode: FY1 2DT

Parking charges

Charges apply at all times

Payment is by pay and display machines which accept credit/debit cards and coins - No change given 

Banks Street Car Park charges
Time period Class Charge
Up to 2 hours Cars £2.50
Up to 4 hours Cars £4
Up to 6 hours Cars £5
Up to 8 hours Cars £6
Up to 12 hours Cars £8
Up to 18 hours Cars £10
Up to 24 hours Cars £12
Up to 48 hours Cars £14
Up to 72 hours Cars £17
Up to 96 hours Cars £20

Important coach parking update

From Monday 19 June 2017 there will be no coach or motorhome parking facility at this location for approximately 1 year. This is to allow a works compound to be created for the railway electrification works.

Coaches and Motorhomes are advised to use either Gynn Square or Foxhall Village sites as an alternative.

Further information regarding this project will be posted here as and when it becomes available. 


  • Blue badge holders must display a clock beside their badge showing their arrival time to qualify for a 3 hour free concession.
  • 230 car spaces
  • 16 blue badge spaces - free for 3 hours 

Further information 

Telephone: 01253 476395