Fishing parking permit

The fishing permit allows you to fish from the Promenade Lower Walk, between Gynn Square and Redbank Road.

Permits are valid for 12 months starting 1 September regardless of when you purchased it. They are priced at £30 with concessions available for Blue Badge holders.

The permit is valid for the sole use of the applicant and the authorised vehicle only for the purpose of fishing no sooner than 3 hours before high tide and 3 hours after.

Area of use



Applying for a fishing permit



You will need to provide copies of:

  • Vehicle registration document (v5)
  • Valid insurance document

Blue Badge holders

You will need to provide the above documents plus:

  • Blue Badge (both sides). The expiry date and serial number must be clearly visible.

Important safety information

The Tramway Overhead cables are always live. Any extended rods taken beneath or near the cables must be transported in a horizontal position.