Traffic regulation orders

Before restrictions or traffic measures can be introduced Blackpool Council has to publish a notice of proposals.

These are advertised here and  in the Blackpool Gazette. These notices allow a period, a minimum of 21 days during which time anyone can make formal written representation to the proposals. 

When public notices are required

Public notices are required for measures such as proposed:

  • Parking restrictions, excluding bus stop clearway markings
  • No right/left/U turns/no overtaking
  • Prohibitions of types of traffic, including pedestrians - as well as width, weight and height restrictions
  • Road humps
  • New speed limits
  • One way streets/no entry
  • Pedestrian zones
  • Crossings - zebra, puffin, toucan
  • Bus lanes

Public notices also need to be published  for temporary traffic restrictions, for example if a street is being closed to allow planned road works to be carried out or if parking charges are being altered. In these circumstances there is no legal entitlement to object to the proposals.

When public notices aren't required

A public notice is not required for traffic management measures such as build-outs, chicanes, gateways, pedestrian island; pinch points, rumble devices, yellow box junction markings.

Current public notices

Notice of Proposal 

Proposed Traffic Regulation Orders/Notices -


 Reference / Notice Title Advertisement dateEnd of consultation period 

Leaford Residents Parking Zone



Batch Order No 1 2018





 The Borough Of Blackpool (Leaford Avenue) (Permit Parking) Order 2018


Leaford Avenue - Proposed



The Borough of Blackpool (Various Roads) (Various Restrictions) and (Revoctions) Batch order No 1 2018 - Order

  • Anchersholme Ward

East Pines Drive - Existing

East Pines Drive - Proposed

Penswick Avenue - Existing

Penswick Avenue - Proposed

Sovereign Court - Existing

Sovereign Court - Proposed

The Croft - Existing

The Croft - Proposed

  • Bispham Ward

Red Bank Road - Existing

Red Bank Road - Proposed

  • Bloomfield Ward

Rear of Livingstone Road - Existing

Rear of Livingstone Road - Proposed

  • Clifton Ward

Dalegarth - Existing

Dalegarth - Proposed

  • Greenlands Ward

Tarragon Drive - Existing

Tarragon Drive - Proposed

  • Hawes Side Ward

Preston New Road - Existing

Preston New Road - Proposed

  • Highfield Ward

Lennox Gate - Existing

Lennox Gate - Proposed

Taybank - Existing

Taybank - Proposed

  • Layton Ward

Brendon Walk - Existing

Brendon Walk - Proposed

  • Marton Ward

Delkeith - Existing

Delkeith - Proposed

Wordsworth Avenue - Existing

Wordsworth Avenue - Proposed

  • Norbreck Ward

Warren Drive Wingate - Existing

Warren Drive Wingate - Proposed

  • Stanley Ward

Johnsville Avenue - Existing

Johnsville Avenue - Proposed

Moss House Road - Existing

Moss House Road - Proposed

Ravenglass - Existing

Ravenglass - Proposed

Thornhill Close - Existing

Thornhill Close - Proposed

  • Talbot Ward

Back Hornby Road - Existing

Back Hornby Road - Proposed

  • Tyldesley Ward

Park Road - Existing

Park Road - Proposed

  • Warbreck Ward

Cornwall Avenue - Existing

Cornwall Avenue - Proposed

Holmefield - Existing

Holmefield - Proposed



Notice of making

Made Traffic Regulation Orders -

 Reference / Name of orderSealed date Advertisement dateEffective from date








Any person who desires to question the validity of the above orders or of any provisions contained therein on the grounds that it is not within the powers conferred by the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 or on the grounds that any of the act of any regulation made under it has not been compiled with in relation to the order/s, may within 6 weeks from the date on which the order is made, apply for the purpose to the High Court.