Report a noise nuisance

Noise nuisance can come in many forms and can often lead to disputes between neighbours.

Our officers can help assess noise nuisance and resolve noise problems.

Can we help?

Noise types
Noise we can help withNoise we can't help with

Barking dogs

Anonymous complaints

Loud music or noise from neighbours

One-off events


Ball games or children playing

Noise from TV and radio/sound systems

Road, rail or flight noise

DIY at unreasonable hours

Emergency vehicles

Noise from entertainment or industrial premises

Normal domestic noise such as washing machines,
vacuuming, mowing during the day

Construction and demolition work

Noise caused by people outside of the property

Loud stereos in parked cars


In some cases we may refer your case for mediation.

Before making a complaint

Before making a formal complaint,try to talk to your neighbour to resolve the problem.
Neighbours are often unaware that they are causing a nuisance and a personal approach cam sometime be welcome.

Make a complaint

After making a complaint

Depending upon the type of noise complaint, we will send an informal letter to the people responsible requesting that they stop it.

Your details are never given to the person you are complaining about.

We will aim to do this on the same day that the complaint is received but it may take up to 7 working days.

If the noise continues after this please contact us on the details provided with your diary sheets.

Diary sheets

We will send diary sheets to you so that you can keep a record of the time and type of noise occurring. 

Please fill these out in as much detail as possible so that we can look at the best way to proceed with the case.

Diary sheets should be returned to us within 2-6 weeks. We will not consider your complaint if we don't receive these back.

After you return the diary sheets to us we will contact you to discuss the problem, give you advice and we may visit you and take recordings of the noise.

We will also talk with you about what will happen next.