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The Local Plan needs to be based on robust evidence and an understanding of the characteristics that make up Blackpool and the Fylde Coast.

There are many pieces of evidence covering a range of topics such as housing, retail and employment that are being used to inform the preparation of the emerging Local Plan.

The documents which form the current evidence base listed below:

Current evidence base


Fylde Coast GTAA Final Report (October 2016

Analysis of Housing Need in light of the 2012 Sub-National Population Projections - SHMA Addendum (November 2014)

Council Response to SHMA Addendum Report (November 2014) 

Housing Requirement Technical Paper (June 2014) 

Blackpool Strategic Housing Land Availability Study (SHLAA) 2013 Update (June 2014)

Towards an Objective Assessment of Housing Need in Blackpool - Analysis of Economic and Housing Forecasts (May 2014)

Fylde Coast Strategic Housing Market Assessment (December 2013) 

Employment and Economy

Blackpool Retail, Leisure and Hotel Study Final Report (June 2018

Appendices to the Blackpool Retail, Leisure and Hotel Study (June 2018)

Blackpool Employment Land Study (June 2014)

Employment Land Technical Paper (June 2014)

Lancashire Enterprise Partnership Strategic Economic Plan (March 2014)

Lancashire Enterprise Partnership Growth Plan 2013/14 (April 2013)

Blackpool Local Economy Baseline Study (November 2011)


Blackpool Level 1 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (November 2014)

Blackpool Surface Water Management Plan - Assessment of Options (October 2014)

Lancashire and Blackpool Local Flood Risk Management Strategy 2014-2017 (2014)

Fylde Peninsular SUDS Study (Atkins July 2013)

Blackpool Surface Water Management Plan - Modelling Report (March 2013)

Blackpool Surface Water Management Plan - Risk Assessment (March 2013)

Action Plan to Improve Bathing Water Across the Fylde Peninsula (Draft 2013)

Blackpool Nature and Conservation Statement (May 2012)

Central Lancashire and Blackpool Outline Water Cycle Study (April 2011)

Blackpool Climate Change and Renewable Energy Study (February 2010)

M55 Hub Habitats Survey (July 2009)


Built Heritage Strategy for Blackpool 2016-2020 (October 2016)

Blackpool Heritage Characterisation Studies (August 2009)

Sport and Recreation

Blackpool Open Space, Sport, Recreation Audit and Position Statement (November 2014)

Blackpool Playing Pitch Strategy - Draft Update (November 2014)


Fylde Coast Highways and Transport Masterplan - Consultation Draft (December 2014)

Marton Moss/M55 Hub Traffic Impact Assessment (July 2011)

Local Transport Plan Strategy (April 2011)

Viability and Infrastructure

Infrastructure and Delivery Plan (November 2014)

Blackpool Local Plan and Community Infrastructure Levy Viability Study Report (February 2014) 

Marton Moss

Marton Moss Characterisation Study (June 2009)

Marton Moss Background Paper (June 2009)