Marton Moss neighbourhood planning approach

Marton Moss neighbourhood planning approach

What does the Blackpool Local Plan Part 1: Core Strategy say about Marton Moss?

The core strategy was adopted in January 2016 and identifies the remaining lands at Marton Moss as being integral to the local distinctiveness of Blackpool and is highly valued by the local community.

Policy CS26 sets out a neighbourhood planning approach. This means getting the community more involved in deciding what you want for the area, for example how to retain the Moss’ distinctive character as well as deciding where and what type of development may be acceptable.

There are two ways which we can go about developing this policy framework:

A.            One way is for the local community to develop your own Neighbourhood Plan

B.            The other way is for the council to lead on developing specific policies for Marton Moss and include them in Part 2 of the Blackpool Local Plan – the Site Allocations and Development Management document  

What happens next?

Further to the recent consultation on the future planning of Marton Moss which took place between 3 November and 11 December 2017, the local community who responded to our survey voted in favour of producing their own Neighbourhood Plan.  

Blackpool Council therefore wishes to give the community the maximum opportunity to pursue this.

The first task for the local community is to establish a neighbourhood forum and the council will assist with this by inviting all of those persons  who expressed an interest in establishing a forum through the survey, to an information event (date to be confirmed). 

If you are not one of these people, but in the meantime you have decided that you would like to be part of a forum developing a neighbourhood plan for Marton Moss, please contact the planning strategy team on 01253 476224 to ensure that you receive an invitation to the information event. 

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