Active Blackpool

Last Modified June 14, 2017

The Active Blackpool team deliver a range of health and physical activity initiatives to help improve the lifestyles of people in Blackpool including:


All sessions are available at Blackpool Sports Centre, Palatine Leisure Centre and Moor Park Health and Leisure Centre.

Active Blackpool is a supported physical activity programme designed to help encourage and motivate the participants into a more active way of life, thereby helping improve general health and wellbeing.

Recommended by your health professional, the programme is provided for people who suffer some form of long term medical condition such as diabetes, asthma or high blood pressure. The programme focuses on increasing physical activity levels and offers a wide choice of activities.

The scheme includes activities such as lifestyle circuit session, fitness studio programmes, health walks, cycling, water based exercise, chair based exercise, yoga, pilates and much more.

Customers can attend on a pay as you go basis or take out a monthly direct debit membership.

A suitable programme of activities, determined by your needs and abilities, will be agreed at your Active Blackpool Welcome Session. You will work at your own pace under the supervision of one of our friendly, fully qualified instructors in a sociable and friendly environment.