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Last Modified August 14, 2017

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We love to hear our members' stories and how our team of dedicated staff have helped people to achieve your fitness goals. Whether it is weight loss to improve confidence or preparation for major surgery, the Sport Blackpool team are on hand to help you keep motivated with fitness plans and fantastic classes. With a great variety of sports and activities available across our centres, there is bound to be something for everyone!

Post your exercise and health improvement experiences and photos to our Facebook page and let's see if we can motivate more people to stay healthy! Every month we will reward the person whose story received the most 'likes' with a gift voucher to say thanks for spreading that good feeling!

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Julie Goodall

I was 23 stone at my biggest at the beginning of 2014. I lost some weight myself and then started in the feel good factory in July 2014, where I lost some more weight and started to tone up. After a while in the FGF I felt it started to get to easy for me and I needed something new, so I started in the gym May 2015. Since coming to the gym I have lost more weight and lost dress sizes. My goal was to get to 17 stone and I have DONE IT. I have now lost over 6 stone!

At my biggest I thought I was happy, but now I realise I wasn’t happy at all. I was just comfort eating, drinking and eating an awful lot. My family were getting very concerned and worried for my health and that hurt me. In the end I decided to do something about it, and it’s the best thing I have ever done.Julie Goodall

I don’t get upset about talking about my weight, my diet and my past anymore as it’s all changed for the best. Looking back at my old pictures keeps me motivated and I am determined to lose even more weight, my new goal is to get to 16 stone. I CAN DO THIS! I never thought I would get to 17 stone, but I have. I am a lot happier, feel healthier and I actually love coming to the gym. I would like to thank Terry Bond, Holly Anderson and Tracey Drury for helping me on my fitness journey.  I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF!

Danielle Sawyer

I have lost a total of 5 stone and 3lbs since January 2017. I have also lost just over 47 inches off my arms, legs, hips and waist and I have also lost 11.7% body fat. My BMI started at 42.3 and is now 30.2. My transformation Daniellevisceral fat started at 9 and is now 7 and my muscle has increased from 20.5% to 25.7%. All this in just 6 months.

I felt horrible, sluggish and always felt out of breath at my heaviest, but I now feel healthier and I have loads more energy. I now feel more confident to wear a bikini on my holiday and feel I can run around a lot easier with my children. I have noticed such a difference since starting the gym, I can now run on the treadmill for longer, lift heavier weights and run up and down the stairs without being out of breath. I can’t keep away from the gym now!

Joanne Blacka

Since I started at the gym I have lost 1 stone and 11lbs in weight, and I have lost a total of 13.6 inches off my arms, waist, hips and legs. My BMI was 30.5 and is now 27.8, my body fat was 41.7% and is now 36.7%member joanne and my muscle was 26% and has increased to 29.1%. I now feel AMAZING! Moving around, climbing stairs and doing exercise classes is much easier. I feel more confident in myself and less conscious of my weight, size and fitness. I get a lot of compliments about my shape changing, and it’s a good feeling.

I have now taken up running around Stanley Park, which I’m already improving on my times and speeds. I also do regular Spinning, Zumba and Bootcamp classes. When I see results it keeps me motivated and makes me want to work even harder. I have set myself a goal and I am determined to reach it.

Jordan Chang

My name is Jordan Chang and I’m currently one of the receptionists at Palatine Leisure Centre. For those who Jordan Chang beforeknow me I have always had an ongoing battle with my weight. At the age of 22 I was 18 and a half stone. I had a strong relationship with food and struggled with many different issues. Over the years I have been diagnosed with depression and suffer from anxiety. I’ve always had extremely low self esteem from a young age and always clutched to food to bring me comfort and to fill gaps of boredom. I’ve always felt stuck in a cycle but when I turned 22 my dad started suffering from heart issues making me miserable beyond belief and I knew I needed to try and turn my life around. I joined Slimming World Jordan Chang afterand signed up at Blackpool Sports Centre. I was so nervous about starting at the gym but the instructors were so lovely and gave me the support I needed to help kick start my exercise. I joined in various different classes and noticed my weight starting to drop off and my confidence and self esteem beginning to rise. By 26, I’ve lost 8 and a half stone and have never been happier. It’s taken a while due to my motivation of stop starting over the years but now I’ve gotten to this stage I’ve never been more prouder of myself. It’s important to keep going for your reviews to keep checking in and to see if there is anything new you can add into your routine and to keep tabs on the progress you have made. As I’ve learned never give up and feel defeated as you will get there in the end. As I always used to tell myself it’s the turtle that won the race. 

Robert Hudson

Robert before pictureAfter a successful journey through Open Heart Surgery in April 2012, I was offered a rehab package that would see me regain my self confidence and fitness so I would be able to get back to work. Via a gym based routine, the Active Blackpool team have guided me along me weight loss journey. With a starting weight of 18 stone 7 pounds and a target weight of 13 stone 7 pounds the bar was high, but with lots of support from the gym team and some hard work by myself, the pounds soon started to come off. In just 14 months my target weight was reached! That was a good day!

Since then I have become involved in a group of people who share a passion for Triathlon and I have also taken my personal training further by becoming a qualified Triathlon coach, and it is here at BATS (Blackpool Aquatics Triathlon Robert after pictureSquad) that I help many other people on their way to fitness. We are based at one of the best venues in the country as far as Triathlon is concerned and that is Palatine Leisure Centre. With its competition pool and cycle track on the same site ti really is a gem of a place to train. 

Swimming and helping people who would like a start in running are just two of the things that I now love to do. Seeing someone learn to swim for the first time is amazing, and the running is the same. The whole Sport Blackpool team helped me on my journey and now I want to give back and help others to start theirs!


Daniel Qazalbash

Dan before pictureI have been a member at Blackpool Sports Centre for many years now, but in all that time, I hadn't really put in the effort or made a difference. It's very much the usual story of going to the gym and then not going for several years. I also became used to a poor diet full of processed foods, and long periods with no activity. That said, towards the end of 2013 I finally started going more often and this then became part of a healthy and encouraging routine. At the same time I also decided to finally change my diet and, together with help from one of the gym instructors, I managed to achieve the weight loss I had wanted for years. In 2013 I weighed in at 13 stone 7 pounds (86 kg), and 6 months later I had lost nearly 4 stone (25 kg). Not being very tall, the difference was very noticeable to many of my friends, and this has been beneficially Dan after pictureboth mentally and physically. I became more active and healthy, and this in turn kept me going.

One year on and I still go to thy gym and spend most of my time attending fantastic circuit training and boot camp classes. The group exercises are very motivational with a regular group of people. You feel naturally good afterwards. To be perfectly honest, it is incredibly good value for money, and you have access to all of the centres should you choose to use them.

Neil Gray

Neil Gray picI joined Sport Blackpool after finishing a Pulmonary Rehab course that the hospital referred me onto in March 2013. I have a lot of health issues and was waiting to have major abdominal surgery. I was 22 stone, with COPD, and had just been told I had type 2 diabetes. My surgeon wouldn't operate as I was too high risk.

The fitness team at Sport Blackpool developed a program to help achieve my goal of having my operation and improving my health. So 18 months later I have lost almost 9 stone. I improved my lung function from only 15% to 45% which meant I could finally have my surgery a few months ago, which was successful!

I still have my health problems and some large hurdles to overcome, but having the wonderful facilities and staff at Sport Blackpool has made a huge difference in my life.  

Scott Middleton

Scott Middleton b4&afterMy starting weight was 22 stone (144 kg) and after 3 months of using the facilities at Sport Blackpool I now weigh 18 stone and 1 pound (119 kg).

I now feel no back pain when walking and I am much, much happier in myself. I have more stamina and feel a lot healthier.






Nadine Johnson

Nadine Johnson before and afterI have achieved a 15 stone weight loss and have maintained it for over three years thanks to Moor Park Health and Leisure Centre. I feel fantastic.

My success has allowed me feel fantastic and enjoy life. My weight loss has allowed me to become a prison officer.

Sharon Spence

Sharon Spence before and afterWhen we moved back from Spain 4 year ago I weighed nearly 17 stone and with two young boys I found it difficult to keep up with them, so I decided to do something about my weight. I joined Slimming World and lost 3 ½ stone, I then joined Sport Blackpool and with the fantastic programme they set up for me, I have lost inches all over, my fitness levels have doubled and I even manage to run, something I have not been able to do since school.

I feel like a completely different person, my boys are now 5 and 8 years and we have a more active lifestyle, we go cycling, walking and I am able to play football with them which they love. I am happier and healthier than ever and my family benefit from that on a regular basis.

Beverley Coker

Beverley Coker before and afterI have achieved a level of fitness that I used to dream about when I looked in health and fitness magazines. I'm now a competitor in Brazilian Ju Jitsu. I've completed 3 tough mudder events and several half marathons.

I now feel that I can do anything that I set my mind to. I'm looking forward to my next Brazilian Ju Jitsu competition and aiming for a gold medal.