Leisure card

Last Modified June 14, 2017

Blackpool Leisure Card offers year round access to your local leisure facilities.

The Leisure Card enables you to receive a discount if you are a Blackpool resident.

Standard Concessionary Charge (SCC) Leisure Card

The SCC Leisure Card entitles those who fall within the categories below to receive up to 20% off sport and leisure activities. Documentation is required in order to prove that you are entitled to the concession.

  • 16 and under
  • 60 years and over
  • Low/No Income
  • Disabled Person
    • A disabled person, registered through our concessionary scheme is entitled to bring a carer along to the activity for free. For casual activities such as swimming, badminton, table tennis and use of the fitness studio, the carer may take part in the activity for free but are expected to provide the required support throughout the session. For coach led activities such as exercise classes and sports coaching sessions, the carer can attend and watch for free, but if the wish to take part in the activity, they must pay.
  • Full Time Student
  • Youth Training/Employment Training Scheme


The SCC leisure cards are valid for 12 months or until the holder is no longer eligible.

Applying for your leisure card, which is free of charge, couldn't be simpler.  Just collect the application form from any of the following leisure venues, fill it in and take it to any of our receptions remembering to take proof of your address.  For each child living at the same address, proof of age is required.  The leisure venues which you can collect your card from, are:

  • Palatine Leisure Centre
  • Blackpool Sports Centre
  • Moor Park Health and Leisure Centre


When you take in your completed form and documents, you will have your photograph taken and will then be given your card, which you should sign the back of.

If it is more convenient for you, you can now apply for your leisure card online.


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The leisure card also offers additional benefits, including:

  • Discounts off selected performances at the Grand Theatre
  • 50% off at the Sandcastle Waterpark


Simply show your card at each of these venues to receive the specified discount.