Adult swimming sessions

Last Modified April 05, 2018

What is your aquatic personality?


Whatever your aquatic personality the Sport Blackpool Liquid Assets programme has something for you!

Many adults never had the opportunity to learn to swim as a child or may have had a negative experience of swimming when they were younger but its important to remember:

  • It's never too late to learn to swim
  • You are not alone
  • It's not all about swimming lengths of a pool


Toe Dipper

You never had the opportunity to learn the basics and frankly getting in the swimming pool is a challenge. Then learning with others in the same position and with the assistance of a sympathetic teacher who will ease away your anxieties may be just what you have been looking for.


You have the basics and a style of your own but it feels like hard work at times. With assistance from a qualified teacher we can help to smooth things out and you could be going places with ease in no time.


You're confident swimming lengths but not sure you're getting the most out of your time in the pool. Having a teacher who will offer you guidance on how to turn your swim session into a great water workout

Adult learn to swim group lessons

Working with your swimming teacher you will identify what you would like to learn and work towards your own targets whilst in a small group environment.

Your swimming teacher will take you through the ASA adult learn to swim passport slowly and introduce new skills gradually so that you have time to build confidence and you will not be expected to do anything you are not ready to do.

Group lessons take place on various days and times please either call into Moor Park or Palatine and speak to our reception team, call 01253 478474 or e-mail for more details.

Group adult lessons may be booked as single class or booked as a course.

Swim clinics

If learning within a group environment is not for you, we also offer 1 to 1 private swimming tuition. Swim Clinics can be booked as a single lesson or a block of lessons at a suitably convenient time.

Swimtag Swimfit Sessions

Are you looking to get swimfit? Training for a charity swim challenge? Then why not come along to a Swimtag swimfit session with Coach Bob on Thursday evenings from 8:45pm at Palatine Leisure Centre

Swimtag Swimfit is a fun fitness training session utilising the Swimtag, training plans, equipment, competitions and challenges for all ages and abilities.

Aqua aerobics

Not only is exercising in water good fun, it’s also amazingly good for you and comes with benefits its land-based equivalents can't offer.

Aqua Aerobics classes offer you something different to a traditional gym workout and you’ll really see a difference in your overall health and fitness.

Benefits of aerobics in water

  • Water supports the body, putting less stress on your joints and muscles
  • This support is great if you’re older, have suffered an injury or are recovering from illness
  • Water pressure helps the heart move blood around the body, putting less strain on it
  • The impact of gravity is less in the water allowing a greater range of motion
  • Working out in water can also prevent overheating, helping you exercise for longer.

And... it's fun! It is not often you can say that about a workout

 We offer a wide variety of Aqua aerobics classes for everyone from Toe Dippers to Torpedoes 

  • Shallow aqua
  • Aqua jogging  
  • Aqua Bootcamp


Please see the live exercise class timetables

Contact the booking hotline on 01253 478474 for up to date Aqua class and group lesson availability 

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