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Consultations and other engagement

Blackpool Council consults with its residents and service users through regular surveys and consultations.

Surveys play an important role in helping the council to understand what people think about local services - what's working and what isn't.

Surveys also provide valuable data about how local services are seen to change over time, including people's preferences and expectations.

Current consultations 

Active lives

Blackpool Council is working on a draft 'Active Lives' strategy and want to hear from you.

Active lives involves more than sport and physical activity, and looks at how we can use all the services of the council and its partners to encourage people to be more active day-to-day. 

We are looking for responses seperately from our stakeholders and residents.


Addition of a Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) Special Educational Resource Provision (SERP) provision at Boundary Primary School

We are inviting you to submit any questions or comments to us about this proposal by 6th November 2020. You can do this via email, telephone or post and contact details are provided below.

In normal circumstances, Boundary Primary School would seek to facilitate a public meeting. However, current COVID-19 conditions make this impracticable, so any concerns or questions that may arise will be addressed by email, telephone and at a virtual drop-in meeting on 2 November 2020.

You can contact us to receive joining details for this drop-in.

The proposal

  • Blackpool is under growing pressure to accommodate the rising numbers of children with Special Educational Needs (SEN). Currently a number of children with Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) are placed in out of area specialist provision at a significant cost to the Blackpool high needs budget
  • At Boundary Primary School, we are well placed to respond to the increasing demand for high quality provision for children with SEN. By creating a resourced provision, as described above, to provide for pupils with SEMH needs, places will be freed at the special schools within Blackpool, enabling them to accommodate children with the most significant needs, reducing the requirement to place pupils in out of area provision
  • Our staff have relevant expertise and so are very effective in supporting pupils with SEN. For example, we currently provide an SEMH respite provision for local primary schools and plan to open this new provision to build on that success
  • We are looking to accommodate 12 pupils with additional needs in the SERP by the end of the 2020/21 academic year and anticipate that this demand will be sustained in future years

Impact of this proposal

  • Our vision is to create a bespoke, high quality provision for pupils with an EHCP experiencing SEMH issues within the immediate locality reducing the need for pupils to be educated in out of area provision
  • The provision will enable some of the most vulnerable pupils to establish strong community links and social relationships, contributing positively as valued Blackpool citizens. The inclusive nature of this provision will also be mutually beneficial to all children within Boundary Primary School and the wider school community, breaking down barriers around disability on all sides
  • Pupils within the resourced provision will be active and valued members of Boundary Primary School community, and will be encouraged to integrate with their peers, both socially and academically. They will be given equal opportunities to access an enriched, flexible curriculum that effectively meets individual specific needs and to take full advantage of the wider opportunities the school can offer
  • We envisage full reciprocity in the development of this provision so that staff, pupils, parents/carers benefit from close and integrated working between the special and the mainstream provision, taking the best from both approaches and creating a holistic, inclusive provision that is greater than the sum of parts and aspirational for all

Who is being consulted?

  • Each LA which maintains an EHCP for SEN in respect of a child attending Boundary Primary School
  • Parents/carers of children who attend Boundary Primary School
  • Parents/carers in the area
  • Primary, secondary, AP and special schools, and sixth form and FE colleges in the area that will be asked to further share this with parents/carers and other interested individuals in the area
  • The governors of the school
  • Other members of our community

The provision

Boundary Primary School proposes the establishment of a 12 place SEMH provision which would be suitable for pupils from year 1 to 6 inclusively.

We currently have a two-classroom block which sits within the school and is separate from the other main teaching spaces. It is intended that this would be for use as the proposed SEN Resource Provision. The building currently hosts two classes and forms part of our current SERF unit which will close to make way for the new provision. The space lends itself to creating two inside learning areas and an outside learning area.

Being firm advocates of inclusion, our provision at Boundary would be aimed at ensuring those children who are placed with us receive timely and appropriate intervention and strategies to meet their individual needs, but that they are also included within the life of Boundary Primary School in the wider sense. By encouraging a sense of belonging within our children we would aim for successful re-integration into mainstream education for those children where it is suitable.

The curriculum for our SEMH provision will develop and support our young learners and utilise the Six Principles of Nurture:

  • Children's learning is understood developmentally
  • The classroom/school offers a safe base
  • Nurture is important for the development of self-esteem
  • Language is understood as a vital means of communication
  • All behaviour is communication
  • Transitions are significant in the lives of children

All curriculum lessons, therapies and intervention would be delivered using these as a guiding belief with the understanding that if these areas are not consistently addressed then the children will not be able to progress effectively.

How to contact Boundary Primary School and share your views

The views of parents/carers and local stakeholders are important to us. If you have any questions about the provision of a Special Educational Resource Provision to accommodate pupils with SEMH needs at Boundary Primary School, please let us know as soon as possible and at the latest by 6 November 2020.

You can do this by contacting us via the following:

Telephone: 01253 287250
Post: Boundary Primary School, Dinmore Avenue, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY3 7RW

Alley gates schemes 2020 review

Alley gates were fitted in some areas of Blackpool under gating orders or public spaces protection orders (PSPOs) and were installed to help to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour.

These orders are now due for review and therefore, we are asking for residents' views as to whether they think the orders should be extended or not. A PSPO can last for up to three years after which it must be reviewed. If the review supports an extension, and other requirements are satisfied, it may be extended for up to a further three years.

Residents who currently live in a property which has alley gates installed under a gating order or PSPO are now invited to let us know if they wish the PSPO on the alley gate in their scheme to continue, or if they would prefer the gates to be reviewed.

If you wish to change the current alley gating scheme in your area, please comment in the survey link below by 6 December 2020.


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