Open consultations

Blackpool Council consults with its residents and service users through regular surveys and consultations.

Surveys play an important role in helping the council to understand what people think about local services - what's working and what isn't.

Surveys also provide valuable data about how local services are seen to change over time, including people's preferences and expectations.

Current consultations 

SEND strategy 2019 - 2021

We have drafted a new strategy for children and young people with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) in Blackpool.We want to share our proposals and give you the chance to comment so that your views can be taken into account for the final document.The consultation closes on 2 January 2019.

SEND strategy 2019-2021 [PDF 975KB]

SEND strategy summary [PDF  648KB]

We want to be aspirational and ambitious for all children and young people with SEND, especially where the child may be looked after. To achieve our ambitions we will continue taking actions to reduce inequalities and closing the gap between those who already do well and those who may need extra support.

We have prepared a draft SEND strategy and want to obtain your views so that these can be considered and taken into account when the final document is agreed. We will publish the outcome of the consultation and a final SEND strategy document during early 2019.


Blackpool's green and blue infrastructure strategy consultation

Over the past 12 months we have been working with volunteer organisations, community groups , planners, schools, businesses, councillors and public sector partners to develop a 10 year strategy for Blackpool to continue our work to make Blackpool a greener town. We are now consulting on the draft strategy that has been developed. Its made up of a few major initiatives and 1001 smaller projects that residents, the council and businesses in Blackpool are planning.

Blackpool is looking forward to a period of sustained transformation. Several major regeneration projects have started and more are to come. Our housing areas, our town centre and our business areas will be refreshed and rejuvenated with massive public and private sector investment.

This is a ten year strategy to invest in Blackpool’s Green and Blue Infrastructure. We will enhance our existing parks and open spaces and deliver new high quality green spaces and public realm. We will see many more residents and visitors experiencing Blackpool’s great outdoor spaces.

The strategy will be delivered by Blackpool Council in partnership with its own staff, the community, developers, landowners, schools, healthcare providers and infrastructure managers.

Blackpool faces unique challenges due to poor public health and the intensely urban nature of its environment.

Yet Blackpool has a lot to offer. It has enthusiastic, skilled and committed volunteers working in our green spaces. In 2017, Blackpool’s Stanley Park was named as the best park in the UK by Fields in Trust, a national charity which protects open spaces and encourages communities to actively care for them.

Our green and blue infrastructure strategy builds on these successes. We want the town to be known nationally for the quality and attractiveness of its premier open spaces.

There is overwhelming evidence of how green and blue infrastructure is essential to quality of life, and how it can be used as a setting for health enhancing activity.
It is no secret that Blackpool’s inner area is short of greenery and attractive open spaces. As we regenerate housing areas and restructure the town centre, we will take opportunities to create pocket parks, plant civic trees and improve greenways so people enjoy spending time outdoors.

Blackpool’s wildlife and countryside fringe is also prioritised in this strategy. Marton Mere is Blackpool’s only Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and Local Nature Reserve (LNR) and acts as a centre for an ecological network connecting coast, countryside and urban areas.

Greening the town centre, principal road and rail corridors and our enterprise zones, using a range of horticultural and artistic techniques, will also give confidence to incoming residents, visitors and investors that Blackpool is a town which is serious about its overall vision.

GBI strategy consultation document [PDF 2.86MB]


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