Where to vote in person

To find out the polling station that you need to vote at please enter your postcode below and select you address.

You do not need to have your polling card to vote in an election but you will need to be registered to vote. If you are unsure if you are registered, please check with our electoral service team on 01253 477490 or 01253 47716.

How to vote

  1. When you arrive you will be given a ballot paper listing the people you can vote for
  2. Take your ballot paper into one of the booths
  3. Read the ballot paper, it will tell you how to cast your vote. Don't write anything on the paper or your vote may not be counted
  4. Mark your ballot paper according to the instructions with the pencil provided, but you may use your own pen if you wish
  5. If you make a mistake on your ballot paper, as long as you haven't already put it in the ballot box,let the polling station staff know and they can issue you with a new ballot paper
  6. When you have completed the ballot paper fold it in half, show the back to the presiding officer and then place it in the ballot box

Selfies and pictures

Pictures taken outside the polling station are fine. Posting them on social media will even encourage your friends and family to vote.

Please don’t take any photos inside the polling station incase you breach of secrecy of the ballot requirements.