Claremont selective and additional licensing designated area  street names in alphabetical order

Abingdon Street 62-95

Althorp Close 1-23

Ashburton Road Ashburton & Richmond Court

Avenham Grove

Avon Place

Back Ashburton Road

Back Eaves Street

Back High Street

Back Lord Street

Back Warbreck Road

Banks Street 3-69

Bedford Road 1-72

Beresford Street 1-36

Boothley Road odd numbers

Boothley Road (Rear of)


Braithwaite Street

Bute Avenue

Carshalton Road

Catterall Close

Cecil Street 8-38 evens only

Cheltenham Road

Chesterfield Road

Claremont Court

Claremont Road

Clevedon Road

Clifford Road

Clyde Street

Cocker Square

Cocker Street

Cocker Street (Rear of)

Cocker Trading Estate

Coleridge Road 1-5

Crofters Mews

Crofters Mews Grange Court

Cromwell Road

Cross Street

Cypress Grove

Derby Road

Devonshire Road 1-35, 172-242, 165-201

Dickson Road 2-273

Douglas Avenue

East Boothroyden

Eaves Street

Egerton Road

Empire Grove

Enfield Road

Exchange Street

Fairfield Road

Fielding Road

Filey Place

Foxdale Avenue odd numbers

Francis Street

Gardeners Mews

General Street

Grafton Street

Grantham Road

Greenhill Place

Hampstead mews

Handsworth Court

Handsworth Road

Hardman Street

Hawthorn Road

Healey Street

Henthorne Street

High Street

Howard Street

Imperial Street

Kytson Close

Laburnum Street

Lang Street

Lansdowne Place

Leavesley Road

Lewtas Street

Lichfield Road (Galloway Villa)

Lord Street

Lynn Grove

Mansfield Road 2-16 even numbers

Mather Street

Moorehouse Street

Mount Street 3,4,5

Newman Road

Percy Street

Pleasant Street

Promenade 114-273 odd numbers

Promenade Regent Court

Queen Square

Ramsey Avenue 213-273 odd numbers

Rice Grove

Richmond Grove

Rossall Road

Rutland Gate

Sherbourne Road

Smithy Mews

Spencer court

Springfield Road

St. Anthony’s Place

St Paul's Road

Stanhope Road odd numbers

Stirling Road

Sutherland Road even numbers

Sutherland View

Swarbrick Close

Talbot Road 1-257 odd, 302-426 even

Talbot Square

The Strand

Thomas Street Industrial units only

Victory Road even numbers

Walker Street

Wall Street

Westminster Road 1-37 0dd, 22-24 even

Wilton Parade

Woburn Road

Yates Street