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Money saving tips and advice

Here we have listed 7 helpful ways in which you could save on energy costs and help save you some money

  1. Cosy Homes In Lancashire (CHiL) provides help with access to cost effective ways of keeping your home warm, whether you own or privately rent. Other help and advice on grants to improve the energy efficiency of your home are available, including insulation and boiler grants. 
  2. Warm and Healthy Homes Project supports all households. Care & Repair's free service will run for two years to help ensure Blackpool residents can save money and stay warm at home
  3. The Energy Saving Trust website has a range of helpful advice and guidance to help you save on your energy costs
  4. The government's household energy page will give you suggestions on alterations you can make to your home that can help you save on your energy usage
  5. Money Saving Expert website has a wide range of energy and money saving tips to help you reduce your costs.
  6. The Green Doctor  programme is part of Energising Communities and provides energy saving advice and support. Green Doctors are energy efficiency experts that have already helped thousands of people and can make a real difference to the warmth of your home – as well as the amount you pay for your energy. You can self-refer, or submit an application on behalf of someone else to see what help and support is available in your area online, or you can visit in person to @TheGrange during opening hours to get information. They also have some great resources online such as useful tips, downloadable guides and video walkthroughs
  7. Using less hot water has the added benefit of lowering energy bills too. Examples of annual savings are shown below:

    • Reducing each person's daily shower from 10 minutes to 5 minutes - £740
    • Cutting out two dishwasher runs per week by only running with full loads - £76
    • Cutting out two washing machine runs per week by only running with full loads - £37
    • Fixing a leaking toilet - £300
    • Turning off the tap while brushing teeth - £100
    • Fixing a dripping tap - £17

Here are some other ways to help you cut your costs

  1. Cut your fuel costs by making some small changes:

    • Look out for the best fuel prices in your area
    • Lower the windows rather than using the air conditioning when it's hot
    • Remove any excess weight in your car
    • Check your tyre pressure regularly 

  1. Cancel uneccessary subscriptions - whether it's TV or magazine subscriptions, apps on your phone, it's easy to forget what you've signed up to.
  2. Look out for discounts - do some online research or check your emails and find out what offers are currently available to you.
  3. Check what you're entitled to - you may be entitled to certain government funding to help with significantly rising living costs.