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Use of adult social care infection control fund

Local authority: Blackpool Council

Allocation of Infection Control Fund received:  £2,193,612

Allocation of Infection Control Fund dispensed as of 17 August:  £2,193,612

Under the grant condition, local authorities must allocate 75% of the funding straight to care homes within the local authority’s geographical area on a ‘per beds’ basis, including to social care providers with whom the local authority does not have existing contracts.

Please confirm whether your LA allocated 75% of the funding straight to care homes within the local authority’s geographical area: Yes

The grant conditions specify that the funding must be used for infection control measures. At least 75% of the grant funding must be used to support the measures listed within the grant conditions, while the remaining 25% may be used on other COVID-19 infection control measures including payments to domiciliary care providers.

Number of providers receiving grant
DescriptionCare homesDomiciliary careOthers
Please indicate the number of providers who have received funding 67 All providers offered access to PPE at nil cost  

Please indicate which measures have been used by providers as part of this funding as of 19 June, and the proportion of the funding dispensed to date that has been used for this

Details of measures taken
DescriptionHow many providers have used funding for this purpose so far?What proportion of the LA’s allocation has been spent on this measure? Total must equal 100%
Measures to isolate residents within their own care homes  42  21
Actions to restrict staff movement within care homes 29  11
Paying staff full wages while isolating following a positive test 41 14
Other (please indicate below) 43 54
Please list other infection control measures your allocation of the Infection Control Fund has been used for. You might find it useful to refer to the measures outlined in the care home support package.

25% Discretionary Funding used to purchase PPE directly by the LA for distribution to providers and to provide further targeted financial support to providers where required

Limiting the use of public transport
Additional cleaning/domestic/laundry duties
Additional uniforms
Additional equipment – soap dispensers, hand sanitisers, screens, infrared thermometers, ozone systems
Infection control training for staff