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Reducing waste

Reduce your rubbish

Blackpool’s recycling rate is 38.4%.

England’s national recycling rate is 45%.

The government have set a target to achieve 70% by 2030.

For Blackpool to meet this target we need to reduce waste going to landfill and increase recycling of materials that can be made into new products.

Zero waste

5 top tips!

  1. Buy loose fruit and veg, some supermarkets offer a reusable mesh bag. Take reusable containers or old takeaway tubs to your local butchers or deli counter
  2. Read or subscribe to newspapers and magazines online
  3. Take a reusable cup or flask to a coffee shop most will be happy to use them
  4. Buy second hand, try online market places or charity shops, you can even make some money selling your unused items.
  5. Drink tap water! Drinking 2 litres a day is best for a healthy lifestyle and filling a reusable bottle from the tap is even better for the environment. Cafes and restaurants may provide free refills too.

Food waste

The average family of four can save just over £60 per month by reducing their food waste.

Get your head around date labels

  • Best Before – Food can still be eaten after this date however it may lose some texture and taste.
  • Use by- You must not eat food past this date. You can freeze food right up to and on the use by date.
  • Display until/ Sell by - Are for shops and supermarkets only.

Love Food Hate Waste have lots of inspiration and guidance to help you cut down food waste and save you money.

  • Write shopping lists
  • Meal plan
  • Keep your fridge temperature between 0-5
  • Freeze leftovers
  • Plan your portions

Composting at home

Sometimes you can’t help create food waste but instead of sending it to landfill pop it in a compost bin. Kitchen scraps can make a perfect peat mix for grown plants and vegetables.

Wash and squash

Too much dirty recycling can contaminate a whole bin wagon, all of your effort will go straight to landfill.

Rinse your plastic, metals and glass to remove food, don’t forget to dry before popping it into your recycling bin. Washing away food residue keeps the bin wagon from being rejected for contamination.

Make more room for your recycling by squashing your plastics and flattening your cardboard.

This helps our crew with collections too.