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About Blackpool Illuminations

Autumn just wouldn't be the same without a trip to Blackpool’s world-famous northern lights – the Blackpool Illuminations. Over three million visitors a year can’t be wrong!

However visitors choose to enjoy this dazzling display, they’re guaranteed a sparkling night, whatever the weather.

The Blackpool Illuminations have been a major part of Blackpool’s attraction since 1879 when they were described as ‘Artificial Sunshine’ and have been a guiding light for visitors to the resort ever since. 

The 2024 Blackpool Illuminations will run from Friday 30 August 2024

Going greener

 On this and every other night of the season, Blackpool’s Illuminations retain the magic and excitement which every visitor experiences on their first trip through the ‘Lights’ as a child. The styles and technology, however are constantly adapting to address the green issues of conservation and energy efficiency.

Since 2002 more LED’s (light emitting diodes) and fixtures have been the standard for all new and upgraded features. These are the most efficient means of generating light available and they are now used in over 30% of the show.

Blackpool Illuminations only use green electricity from renewable resources comprising of wind, small-scale hydro, landfill and Bio-Gas. The procurement of green electricity has reduced the annual Illuminations carbon dioxide emissions to zero, a saving of 420 tonnes per year in the atmosphere.

The event is pushing for carbon neutrality and in May 2007 two wind turbines were introduced on the South Promenade - linked directly to the Illumination supply. These two turbines will generate 3% of the power needed and more turbines are planned. The team are also exploring other renewable options, including solar power, to ensure a bright, green future.