People in detention discount

Someone aged 18 or over who is on remand, in prison or in some other form of detention, is not counted for council tax purposes.

This includes:

  • A person in prison, detention centre or hospital because of a court order, court sentence or the direction or warranty of a court in the UK or of an armed forces standing civilian court
  • A person detained under the Immigration or Mental Health Acts
  • A person who has been temporarily released
  • It means you could get a discount on your council tax

A discount is not available if:

  • There are still two or more people in the household over 18 who are counted for council tax purposes
  • The prisoner is in prison for non-payment of either council tax or a fine
  • The person is in police custody before their first court appearance

Application process

Once you have made your application we will aim to process the application and confirm this to you within 10 days