Blackpool Challenge

Blackpool Council and it's partners are committed to improving outcomes for all children and young people.

In collaboration with the office of the Regional Schools Commissioner and Department for Education the Blackpool Challenge Board will support leaders, teachers, parents and carers, children and young people and wider agencies to build on current successes to achieve national targets and become a world class centre for education 

Vision statement

100% of children progress 100% of the time. We want Blackpool to be a place where all Blackpool children receive a world class education, enabling every child to achieve their best regardless of background, vulnerability or disadvantage. We want every child to have local (particularly in the development of the Energy Coast), regional and national employment prospects, where they have the freedom to pursue their chosen career.

Mission statement

We are committed to working together to improve the outcomes for young people through a self-improving education system. Blackpool will ensure strong and inclusive learning communities, build resilient learners and foster supportive relationships between parents, carers and the local community. Blackpool’s schools and settings will become outstanding through strong leadership, quality teaching and high expectations of learners which foster the aspiration for every child to achieve their full potential.