School Improvement Priority Plan Actions

Priority plan 2018/9 actions

Aspiration and achievement 


  • Ensure employability is a clear objective of curriculum design lending relevance to learning
  • Curriculum progress creates school readiness, creating a sense of progression and belonging
  • Strong assessment and tracking procedures are required
  • Release outstanding staff to drive developments and share best practice (maths and english)
  • Subject leader networks and clinics- all-through where possible to drive the transition ambition
  • Accelerating progress in english and maths across key stage two and three
  • Increasing the profile of science in year five and six
  • Develop a culture of 'good' not being a comfortable place, and to always strive higher
  • Drive forward improvements to teaching and learning at key stage three and four - develop trust and collegial support between primary and secondary

Developing leadership


  • Bespoke leadership training specific to Blackpool’s challenges which is additional and adds value to the NPQ programmes
  • Applied leadership development – opportunities for leaders to deepen their learning in other school contexts, including areas outside of Blackpool
  • Strengthening governance by reframing the focus of the role, improving the quality and effectiveness of governor recruitment
  • Develop a package to attract the best teachers and leaders to Blackpool, with further measures to support retention and development
  • Establishing affordable and viable routes for experienced and skilled support staff to gain QTS
  • Developing leadership provision for pupils, students and young adults

Teaching and learning 


  • Gatekeeping to ensure that national and local Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is of the highest quality (see Opportunity Area delivery plan)
  • Coordinated focus on teaching and learning by all teaching schools
  • Identification, celebration and showcasing of best practice in teaching and learning
  • Specialist support to set up best practice primary clusters
  • A focus on maths teaching and learning through the funded ‘all-through’ transition project
  • Retrain teachers as maths specialists and implement maths mastery training for existing maths teachers
  • Cross-phase teacher knowledge development in core subject skills EYS to key stage one through five
  • Twilight sessions CPD programme available to all schools.
  • Use of research school to ensure development of teaching and learning is informed by evidence based practice
  • A focus on english teaching and learning through existing ‘tilted’ national CPD offers
  • Training on use of data to inform differentiated learning

Inclusion and support


  • Introduce quality alternative provision that allows disaffected and /or marginalised pupils to achieve qualifications that will allow them to progress in their education
  • Reduce the number of pupils who are not in education or training (NEET) by offering recognised pathways into further education
  • Reduce exclusions from Blackpool Schools by offering behaviour support, SEND support and alternative pathways through to further education
  • Audit inclusive practices and inclusion / behaviour systems within Blackpool schools to recognise effective and promote best practice
  • Promote mental health in pupils by rolling out Mental Health First Aid training to professionals within schools
  • Refine the current In Year Fair Access Panel (IYFAP) at primary and secondary stages
  • Refine processes for admission into Athena (hospital school)

Building upon effective transition


  • Develop progressive, non-repetitive curriculum in core subjects within each Hub
  • Implement commonly agreed nationally referenced assessments at the end of year seven. Hub leads to evaluate pupil progress, develop consistent transition activities
  • Evaluate and plan in detail for 2018/9, this includes visits by year six staff to receiving secondary schools
  • Primary heads to scaffold pupil transition to secondary by visiting all receiving secondary schools in the autumn term, talk to pupils and evaluate process with secondary colleagues
  • All school family groups to establish and develop their own patterns of shared activities, which are sustainable
  • Include early years and post -16 providers and develop ‘best practice’ case-studies of all transition phases, including new to area and those transitioning from alternative provision into mainstream
  • Extend a progressive year five - eight curriculum to all Blackpool schools, which is uniformly GL assessed in year seven and year eight using, to measure and raise pupil outcomes
  • Develop system capacity through the appointment and deployment of LLEs and SLEs to each hub
  • Develop system leadership through collaboration of senior leaders – to take responsibility for hub school improvement strategies and accountability for pupil progress