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School improvement priority plan

School improvement board priority plan

The Blackpool School Improvement Board is committed to improving the education of all children and young people across the town, focusing upon the 5 agreed priority areas. 

The aim is to work with our partner agencies to inspire aspiration and collaboration in education and to ensure that Blackpool pupils and students, across all phases, get the best opportunities in education and achieve a place in work or training after they leave school.

The priority areas are developed and reviewed in consultation with the board members. Success will be tracked and schools will work together within their dedicated school family groups to ensure all projects and initiatives developed have the educational needs and requirements of Blackpool children at the focus. 

Aspiration and achievement 

 Success criteria:

  • All schools to be Ofsted rated 'good' or 'better' by 2020
  • Continue to increase levels of attainment for all children
  • All young people to have a route into employment
  • A self improving school-led system in place by 2020

Developing leadership

 Success criteria:

  • 'Good' or 'outstanding' leadership judgements on the Ofsted framework
  • Effective peer support for our school leaders through our teaching school alliance
  • A defined career path for our leaders in Blackpool
  • Strong governors provide effective challenge for school leaders

Teaching and learning 

 Success criteria:

  • High quality teaching and learning leads to high outcomes for young people in Blackpool
  • Promote better behaviour, attendance and enjoyment of lessons
  • All Blackpool schools are judged as having 'good' or 'outstanding' teaching and learning against the Ofsted framework
  • Recruiting quality staff to all areas, in all schools, in Blackpool

Inclusion and Support

 Success criteria:

  • A reduction in permanent and fixed term exclusions across all settings
  • Attendance continues to rise across all phases of education in Blackpool
  • Blackpool engages in national mental health programmes such as Headstart
  • Improved understanding of SEND

Building upon effective transition

 Success criteria:

  • Pupils feel ready and secure in transition to new schools in Blackpool
  • Families and carers are better supported in the transition process

 How will the board ensure these targets are met? See our priority actions to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved.