What is fostering?

By fostering someone else’s child who, for different reasons, is unable to live with their own family, you can give them the safe, caring and stable home they need whilst keeping them connected to their family, school and friends.

You won’t be on your own - our experienced team will be there every step of the way. You will receive full training, ongoing 24 hour support and a financial allowance. If you’ve ever thought about fostering we’d love to hear from you.


Types of foster care

There are a number of different reasons why children need fostering and there are lots of types of foster care:

  • Short-term - When carers look after children for a few weeks or months, while plans are made for the child's future
  • Long-term - Not all children who need to permanently live away from their birth family want to be adopted, so instead they go into long-term foster care until they are adults
  • Connected carers (previously known as family and friends' or 'kinship') - A child who is the responsibility of Blackpool Council goes to live with someone they already know, which usually means family members such as grandparents, aunts and uncles or their brother or sister
  • Parent and child - This involves providing a placement for a parent and their child (usually a baby), although it could be an older child. You will support the parent to develop skills in caring for their child

Want to know more?

  • Come to one of our regular information events  where our friendly and experienced team are on hand to answer any questions you have, whether you would like an informal chat or confidential advice
  • You can also telephone the fostering team on 01253 477888 or request an information pack online