join the headstart revolution

We are HeadStart, a Big Lottery funded programme aiming to build resilience in young people across Blackpool

How are we doing this?

Blackpool is building a Resilience Revolution. A whole town approach to make Blackpool a more resilient place to live, grow up and thrive in.

Why a revolution?

Not everyone in life has the same opportunities, so in Blackpool our Resilience Revolution will give everyone and anyone the chance to learn more about resilience for themselves, their families, friends and neighbours so that they can get involved and make Blackpool better.

So, we need YOU. Watch the video below to find out more about how you can join our Resilience Revolution.

Check out our Resources page.

This will have all of the resources needed to build your own resilience, and the resilience of others.

Plus, develop your knowledge of all things HeadStart and resilience.