Committees and subgroups

In delivering its vision for health and wellbeing, the Board is supported by a number of new and existing committees and subgroups each with a specific remit and functions.

Strategic Commissioning Group

Established by the Board in May 2013, the group takes the lead on implementing the strategic priorities set out in the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy and driving the transformation and integration of health and social care services. This means working closely with partners across a range of public sector services to deliver the strategy and with commissioners across the NHS, Public Health, Adult and Children' Services, Mental Health and wider health-related community services to ensure that wherever possible services are more joined-up to improve the quality of provision.

The group reports regularly to the board, providing assurances that progress is being made. 

JSNA Strategic Group

Established in 2011, the group provides leadership of the JSNA process and supported by a technical working group, they are responsible for the ongoing development of the JSNA and for working with commissioners to ensure the process becomes an essential part of the commissioning cycle.

The group reports to the Board on specific JSNA activity, to assure the board of its ongoing development.  

Children's Trust

The Trust is responsible for ensuring Blackpool's Children and Young People's plan is delivered and that services improve outcomes for children and young people across the Town. Work has been undertaken to align the priority outcomes in the Children and Young People's plan to specific priorities for children and young people in the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy, with the Trust providing assurance to the Board that progress is being made.

Better Care Fund Programme Board

The newly established Programme Board is cross-organisational forum responsible for co-ordination of the Better Care Fund in Blackpool and will report regularly on Blackpool's Better Care Fund locality plan, providing assurance of its implementation.