Breastfeeding has some of the most wide-reaching and long-lasting effects on your baby's health and development.

Benefits to the baby

Babies who breastfeed are at a lower risk of:

Benefits to mothers

  • The longer mothers breastfeed, the greater their protection against breast and ovarian cancer, and hip fractures in later life.
  • Recent evidence has demonstrated an association between prolonged breastfeeding and postmenopausal risk factors for cardiovascular (CV) disease.
  • The World Cancer Research Fund includes breastfeeding as one of 10 recommendations to reduce the risk of cancer.

Breastfeeding 'Out and About' - baby friendly premises in Blackpool

Breastfeeding WelcomeBreastfeeding in public can seem daunting, especially during the early days, whilst getting feeding established.

Details of premises who have signed up to Out and About to enable mothers who wish to breastfeed in Blackpool to do so in comfort and confidence.

Premises will display the 'Breastfeeding Welcome' logo and staff will be trained.

National support

National Breastfeeding Helpline

La Leche GB