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Grange Park development

The development opportunity 

We have identified up to 5.5 hectares of land in the Grange Park estate that are suitable for redevelopment.

There are three distinct sites, each providing a potential redevelopment opportunity.

  • Site 1 - The former Christ the King building and parade of shops on Chepstow Road
  • Site 2 - The former Grange Park School
  • Site 3 - The current open grassland to the south of the @the Grange off Bathurst Avenue

The development provides the chance to improve the character of the area and provide new homes and amenities for the local community. 

The aim is to make sure a development is part of the existing estate and improves the quality of life for residents.

The key objectives of the redevelopment opportunity are:

  1. To ensure a viable and comprehensive development
  2. To provide a development of new homes which meet the needs of the Blackpool housing market
  3. To support improved quality of life for the residents of Grange Park, including:
    • An attractive and safe environment
    • Improved accessibility and strong design
    • Improved opportunities to use existing and better community facilities
    • Economic opportunities and greater prosperity in the Grange Park community. 

Work so far

We have been working with architects BTP to develop a master plan for the sites. 

The plan provides a guide for development which includes a mix of housing, retail and open space. 

It also provides a basis for talks with other organisations and the community as the plan has developed. 

In February 2018 we held a drop-in event to share the first version of the masterplan with the community. 

The event gave us an opportunity to receive feedback from residents. 

A summary of the comments from residents [PDF 718KB] 

We used the feedback to develop a revised plan. This was shared with the community at the estate’s 70th Birthday Fun Day.
The current concept masterplan [PDF 726KB]

We also fed back to the main element of the plan and next steps
Grange Park development update August 2018 [PDF 599KB]

Work started this month to demolish the former shops on Chepstow Road (Site 2). We expect this to be finished by the end of the year. 

Next steps

  • Undertake more dedicated consultation with young people on the estate
  • Start talks with utility providers to understand any costs and constraints to development
  • Agree type of housing that would contribute best to the offer on the estate and town
  • Have conversations with operators to understand the interest in new retail provision
  • Look at the options to help development to begin