Conservation areas listed buildings and trees conservation

Conservation area

A conservation area is an “area of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance”.
This set out in Section 69 of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990.
Once designated, a conservation area needs everyone’s help to protect its character and keep it special.
The council will protect and enhance it as far as possible by:

  • Controlling development
  • Encouraging the care of its own buildings

To achieve this it also needs the support of property owners, residents and local businesses.

There are 6 conservation areas within Blackpool.

These conservation areas place restrictions on things such as:

  • Demolition
  • Alterations and extensions
  • New development
  • Painting and maintenance
  • Advertisements


Advice and guidance on how to carry out work in Conservation Area is contained in our Conservation Area Guidance document

Listed buildings

We have a number of listed buildings in Blackpool, these are:

Listed buildings
Name of building Grade 
Former Elmslie School - Whitegate Drive 2
Town Hall - Talbot Square 2
Former Clifton Hotel - Talbot Square 2
Sacred Heart Church - Talbot Road 2*
3 x K6 Telephone kiosks - Talbot Road 2
The Salvation Army Citadel and Winstone House - Raikes Parade 2
Central Library and Art Gallery - Queen Street 2
Former Miners Home - Queens Promenade 2
Shelter - Queens Promenade between Sandhurst Avenue & Montpelier Avenue 2
Shelter - Queens Promenade between Duchess Drive and Pembroke Avenue 2
Shelters - Promenade opposite Wellington Road 2
Shelters - Promenade opposite Trafalgar Road 2
Shelters - Promenade opposite Alexandra Road 2
Blackpool Tower - Promenade 1
North Pier - Promenade 2
Imperial Hotel - Promenade 2
War Memorial - Princess Parade 2*
Little Marton Mill - Preston New Road 2
Walkers Hill Farmhouse, attached barn and shippon- Midgeland Road 2
Raikes Hall - Liverpool Road 2
Synagogue - Leamington Road 2
Cemetery Chapel - Layton Road 2
1 and 2 Fishers Lane 2
Funny Girls, former Odeon Cinema - Dickson Road 2
Methodist Church - Dickson Road 2
Holy Trinity Church - Dean Street 2
Attached walls Blowing Sands - 166 Common Edge Road 2
Winter Gardens - Church Street 2*
St Johns Church - Church Street 2
Sundial - All Hallows Road 2
Grand Theatre - Church Street 2*
Former King Edward - Central Drive 2
Bispham Parish Church - All Hallows Road 2
Former Post Office - Abingdon Street (Frontage only) 2
8 x K6 Telephone kiosks - Abingdon Street 2
Thanksgiving Shrine  of Our Lady of Lourdes - Whinney Heys Road 2*
Casino at Blackpool Pleasure Beach - Promenade 2
Savoy Garage - King George Avenue 2
Cabin lift - Queens Promenade 2
Stanley Park - West Park Drive 2*
The Former Regent Picture House


Sir Hiram Maxim's Captive Flying Machine - Blackpool Pleasure Beach - Ocean Boulevard - Promenade


The Big Dipper - Blackpool Pleasure Beach - Ocean Boulevard - Promenade


Blue Flyer rollercoaster (originally the Zipper Dipper)- Blackpool Pleasure Beach -Ocean Boulevard - Promenade


Noah's Ark - Blackpool Pleasure Beach - Ocean Boulevard - Promenade


The Grand National - Blackpool Pleasure Beach - Ocean Boulevard - Promenade


Any work carried out on a Listed Building, unless it is a 'like-for-like' repair, will require Listed Building Consent. This type of application is free.

Locally listed buildings

Blackpool Council has set up a list of buildings of local architectural and/or historic interest

Members of  the public are able to nominate buildings for inclusion on the local list. View details of the locally listed buildings.

Tree conservation

The Council protects trees and groups of trees by making Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) where appropriate. Use this link to view the Tree Preservation Order listings and further information on Tree Preservation Orders

Removal of protected trees will only be allowed in exceptional circumstances:

  • Where trees endanger public safety,
  • Or are diseased, and
  • On condition that replacement planting takes place.

If you wish to carry out any type of work to a tree that meets any of the following criteria you need the Council\'s consent :

  • Protected by a Tree Preservation Order
  • Is within a Conservation Area
  • Protected by a condition attached to a planning permission.

Heritage statements

Conservation areas, listed buildings, other locally listed buildings, registered parks and gardens, and archaeological remains are also known as heritage assets.  Most development affecting heritage assets needs planning permission or consent.  For information on the requirements for submitting for submitting planning applications affecting heritage assets please see our Heritage-Statement-Guidance

If you would like to check on any of these, please contact our Customer First Centre