Books on prescription

Blackpool Council's Books On Prescription service is for residents with emotional and psychological difficulties/issues who are interested in using self-help.  In addition, or instead of medication, GPs and other health workers will be able to prescribe self-help books for people who want to overcome a range of common issues.  

How the scheme works

In the same way that your GP or health professional can prescribe medicine for you to pick up at the pharmacy, health workers can now prescribe a range of self-help books if they think that you may benefit from reading any of those on the list.  Once you have decided which book you would like to read, you will be provided with a prescription form, completed by your health worker, detailing the books that you have been prescribed.  You can then take the form to your local library and borrow the book(s) free of charge.  

Dementia Books On Prescription

A self-help book service aimed at enabling people to live well with dementia is available in Blackpool libraries, as part of the Books On Prescription service.  The books will also be of interest to carers and families, as well as those working with people with dementia.

The dementia booklist is the result of work by Blackpool Council and widespread consultation with dementia specialists, people with dementia and their carers.

As part of the Books On Prescription collection, the dementia books are available at all Blackpool libraries for GPs and health professionals to prescribe or recommend and for anyone to borrow.  

Collect or request books

Books On Prescription collections are on display at all of our libraries, and the books can be requested for collection, as well as via the Home Library Service. 

Please contact us by coming into your local library or requesting online 24/7 via the library catalogue.