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Making a booking

The Wedding Chapel is accessible to the public by phoning 01253 477177 or by emailing

Booking your Registrar

You will need to book the Registrars from Blackpool Registration Service to officiate at your wedding, civil partnership, naming or renewal of vows ceremony if you are holding your ceremony at any of the following civil or religious venues:

  • The Wedding Chapel (Festival House)
  • An approved venue in Blackpool
  • A non-conformist religious building such as Roman Catholic, Methodist or United Reformed church where the church does not have a Responsible or Authorised Person


The fee is £45 to provisionally book your chosen venue, date and time. The fee is non-refundable and is a separate fee to those you will pay for the registrars to attend your ceremony. View our current fees for Marriage and Civil Partnership and Naming and Renewal of Vows.

There is also a fee for a Registrar to attend a non-conformist religious building (known as a Registered Building) which doesn't have a Responsible or Authorised Person to witness and record the legal aspects of the ceremony. The fee can be found in Marriage and Civil Partnership and Naming and Renewal of Vows.

When to make the booking

You can make a booking up to two years before the date of your ceremony.

When to make your notice appointments

The document(s) that allow you to marry are only valid for one year. Although you can book this appointment up to a year ahead of the date you intend to hold your legal ceremony.  At the moment we are advising couples to give their notice no sooner than six months before the date of their ceremony. This way, if you need to postpone or move your ceremony to a future date, your notices have more chance of still being valid. 


You may also be able to book your chosen Approved Venue or religious building more than a year in advance of your ceremony date.

Give notice

You now need to make arrangements to give notice.