Religious ceremonies

Church of England ceremonies

If you wish to be married in the Church of England we advise that you speak to the vicar of the church in which you wish to marry. They will arrange an appointment for you to visit them and will organise the reading of the banns. There is usually no need to involve your local registration service.

Catholic and other religious ceremonies

If you wish to have a religious ceremony other than in the Church of England, you should usually:

  • Arrange to see the person in charge of marriages at the building
  • Live in the same district as the church or religious building (only one party is required to live in the district)
  • Be willing to declare the religious premises are the usual place of worship of either of you 
  • Give formal notice of intent to marry to the Superintendent Registrar at your local registration service unless one of you is subject to immigration control. If this is the case please contact us on 01253 477177 for further advice

You will need to bring at least 2 other people who can sign as witnesses at your wedding.