Parking permits

Last Modified August 12, 2015

Annual and quarterly permits are available in both restricted and un-restricted form.

Monthly permits are available for Bonny Street only.

Locations where business permits can be used
 Car ParkRestricted  Unrestricted
Banks Street Yes Yes
Bloomfield Road Yes Yes
Bolton Street No Yes
Bonny Street Yes Yes
Central Yes Yes
Chapel Street Yes Yes
Cocker Square Yes Yes
Cocker Street Yes Yes
East Topping Street No Yes
Foxhall Village Yes Yes
Gynn Square Yes Yes
Lonsdale Road Yes Yes
Queen Street No Yes
South Yes Yes
South Beach Yes Yes
West Street No Yes


Order a car park permit online


Or contact parking services on 01253 476429.

Resident parking permits

If you live in a designated resident parking permit area you are entitled to purchase a parking permit and a visitor permit. 


Order a resident parking permit online

Or contact parking services on 01253 476429.

If you are applying for a permit for the first time you will need to provide two forms of identification, one of which must be your vehicle identification registration document showing the address for which you are applying for a permit. 2 forms of identification are also required if you want to apply for a visitor permit. 

Acceptable forms of identification include: 

  • Council tax bill 
  • Utility bill (dated within the last six months) 
  • Tenancy agreement for the property 

Blackpool Football Club parking permits

Supporters of Blackpool Football Club can purchase a parking permit which will allow you to park for: 

  • Blackpool FC home, league, cup and reserve matches only 
  • 2 hours before advertised kick-off and up to 2 hours after the game has completed 


The permit is available to be used in the following car parks:
  • Bloomfield Road car park 
  • Lonsdale Road car park
  • South car park

Please note that parking is not guaranteed and is subject to available space. 


Order a Blackpool Football Club parking permit online

Or contact parking services on 01253 476429. 

Tradesman's parking permits

We have introduced a new annual tradesman’s parking permit designed to help small businesses who are often required to park in:

  • Residential parking areas
  • Pay and display zones
  • Limited waiting bays


Parking in these areas will be allowed on display of the permit providing drivers can show they are doing their job.

The offer is available to tradesmen who work on a planned/appointment basis and the permit will only allow parking for a maximum of 3 hours (no return within 3 hours) and be applicable between Monday and Friday 7.00am - 7.00pm.

Any vehicle up to and including those weighing 7.5 tonnes (gross vehicle weight) can apply.


The permit is available at a cost of £100 per year by telephoning 01253 476383, 01253 476428, or 01253 476429.