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Virtual HC permit terms and conditions


The ‘HC’ Permit is restricted for the use of employees who carry out roles delivering council commissioned care services which require them to visit the homes of residents or carry out work in areas which have restricted parking, for example residents parking areas.


  • Parking for a maximum of one hour per visit. A time clock will be provided for use at all times whilst using this permit, this needs to be set at the time of arrival and displayed so it can be seen from outside the vehicle
  • Permits are valid between 6.30am and 11.00pm Monday to Sunday
  • The vehicle must only be left in a parking place permitted by these conditions
  • The permit is registration number specific and not transferable
  • If employment ceases, you must return the permit to your organisation as part of your exit process

Valid for use in

  • Resident permit holder bays
  • Limited waiting bays
  • On street pay and display bays
  • Council owned car parks, excluding Filey Place and Talbot Road multi storey

If you change your vehicle registration number. 

  • Log on to your Permit Portal account
  • Within the "Active Permit" section click the "View" button
  • Select "Change Vehicle" tab
  • Choose "Add new vehicle"
  • Enter your registration number and re-enter for confirmation
  • Click the "Apply to change vehicle" button
  • A pop-up message will appear asking you to confirm these changes
  • Click "Yes"A message confirming your changes have been successful will be displayed.Your change of registration details will then be transmitted to civil enforcement officer handheld devices

This is done in a matter of minutes

This permit is to be used to carry out home visits in residential areas. It is not to be used as an alternative to purchasing a pay and display ticket or for your own personal use within a residential parking scheme.


If an individual is required to leave their vehicle other than as described by these conditions or are unsure if they can park in a specific place it is that persons responsibility to notify the parking services despatcher (before leaving the vehicle) on 01253 476395.

Permission to leave the vehicle as requested is at the despatchers discretion and will not be overturned by requesting another officer.

At the time of application you will be asked to provide your mobile telephone contact details. These are required to allow the parking services despatcher to contact you if there is an issue with your vehicle. You will not be contacted as a warning if a Penalty Charge Notice is to be issued.

Failure to correctly/not display the clock, will result in a PCN being issued.

Unreturned permits will incur a £100 fee.

Any misuse of a permit will result in it being revoked without appeal.