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A climate assembly is being held in Blackpool because the climate emergency is such an important issue.

We want to make sure that the local community get to have a real say in decisions and are involved in shaping climate change projects that are right for them.

FutureGov will be running the assembly for us in Blackpool. This will ensure the process is independent and fair.

Taking part in the climate assembly

The people who take part in an assembly are chosen at random to represent the wider community.

Everyone in Blackpool had an equal chance of being invited to take part.

Invitations were sent out in November to around 8000 randomly selected Blackpool households. The invitations provided information about how people in those households could apply to take part.

Those who apply to take part are asked to provide some basic information about themselves.

This information is used to make sure that the people taking part in the assembly fairly reflect the rest of the town in terms of things like age and gender.

Forty people will be selected to take part in the assembly. This is a fantastic opportunity for local people to shape our approach to the climate emergency.

The power of the assembly

We take the assembly process very seriously.

We will consider the actions the assembly recommends and provide regular updates.

The action plan for the climate emergency in Blackpool will be led by what the assembly decides we should do.

After the assembly

FutureGov will write a report about the views of the assembly by March 2021.

We will then will use the assembly's ideas to create an action plan for Blackpool.

We will present the action plan to councillors and senior leaders and to the 'Blackpool Climate Action Partnership'.

Assembly members will be able to speak with these decision makers about how to put the actions in place.

Getting involved in other ways

There’s lots you can do to get involved with the climate emergency in Blackpool.