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Support for local businesses to help stop climate change

Climate change affects every aspect of our lives, and we must all act to redcue our carbon emissions and stop climate change. Businesses have the potential to have an large impact on Blackpools emissions, by reducing the emissions produced by the businesses own activities and also by supporting customers to make low carbon choices. 

To help business in taking this leadership role we have gathered information on training, sustainability business mentoring and financing that can be explored below. 

Financial support

  • Capital allowance

    The UK government offers a capital allowance for the purchase of certain low carbon, highly efficient equipment for a business. This means that the full cost of the equipment can be deducted total profits before tax, reducing the amount of tax paid.

    More information on cliaming a capital allowance

  • Electric vehicle plug-in grants

    This grant is available to reduce the cost of electric vehicles (EVs). The grant amount is automatically deducted from the total cost of the vehicle when buying any brand new electric vehicle.

    The amount deducted from the EV depends on the type of vehicle being purchased.

  • Workplace charger scheme

    The government is providing grant support for the installation of electric vehicles (EV) chargers if you have a workplace with designated car parking.

    This can allow for a substantial carbon emissions reduction and reduce vehicle tax on company vehicles.

    More information on the workplace charger scheme

  • The MaCaW Project

    Making Carbon Work project (MaCaW) is funded by the European Regional Development Fund to assist businesses (SMEs) to reduce their emissions and increase resource and energy energy efficiency, plus help businesses to monitor emissions and strengthen tender applications. Assistance is provided through business support and potentially a 50% match funded grant of £15,000 for low carbon efficient equipment.

    Find out more about the MaCaW Project


Business development

  • The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)

    The FSB has put together a large amount of resources for small business to reduce their carbon emission.s This includes guides to help navigate the common improvements a business can make, sector specific guidance and local support to reduce emissions.

    Find out more The Federation of Small Businesses sustainability hub

  • Chamber of Commerce low carbon

    The East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce offers support to businesses looking to reduce their emissions and improve efficiency. Support is provided through 1-1 meetings with advisors, best practice events and advanced business support.

    Further support is offered for businesses wanting to develop new low carbon technologies.

    Find out more about Chamber Low Carbon

  • UK Business Climate Hub

    The UK government has put together a large amount of resources and tools for businesses to assist all businesses to rapidly reduce emissions.
    On the site there is the opportunity to commit to the SME Net-Zero Pledge to halve emissions by 2030.

    Find out more about the UK Business Climate Hub

  • Energy Savings Trust

    The Energy Savings Trust provides information and guidance to help businesses reduce their carbon emissions. This can be supported through a carbon monitoring tool for each aspect of a business, assistance in developing a carbon reduction plan and support in enacting the plan to reach net-zero.

    Find out about the Energy Savings Trust

  • The Carbon Trust

    The Carbon Trust has a large number of guides, advice, and sector specific information to help businesses reduce their carbon emission. This includes topics such as how to manage an efficient office, energy efficiently lighting, electric vehicles fleets and many other topics.

    The Carbon Trust

Pledges and commitments

Businesses can show their commitment to protecting the environment by signing up to several types of pledges. If your business is consdering making any pledges we would like to hear from you by contacting the council climate team.